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Green Philly NEWS #2

Monday, September 15th, 2008

RAIL CAR FACTORY in South Philadelphia will be built by Hyundai Rotem, a South Korean company currently employing 3,800.  They’re rolling stock manufacturer for Hong Kong, New Delhi, Rail Canada.  Eighty years ago Philadelphia trolleys were so prominent that there was little need of bus or automobile.  Maps of Philadelphia’s former street railway system

Philadelphia, once known as the “Workshop of the World,” is capable of restoring manufacturing to provide useful green goods with little or no pollution. 

Philadelphia’s First GREEN BANK will offer loans to green enterprises, seeks startup capital.

PHILADELPHIA REGIONAL & INDEPENDENT STOCK EXCHANGE (PRAISE) seeks organizers to create stable local equities for ecodevelopment. Can include local currencies lent interest-free.


good news!

good news!

NEW GREEN MAGAZINE: Philadelphia’s sustainability movement now has its own magazine!  GRID has issued its first edition, featuring bicycles and introducing several future themes.  Bimonthly issues, starting March 2009, will feature Energy, Food, Culture, Shelter, Ecology, and Recycling.  Grid seeks writers and invites ads from local businesses:  “This is first and foremost a local magazine, and one of the key elements of sustainability is community self-reliance,” says publisher Alex Mulcahy

GREEN PHILLY BLOG and GREEN CITY JOURNAL are companion resources. 

PHILLY UMBRELLASHARE joins Philly Carshare, Philly Bikeshare , West Philly Tool Library and other local share-holders in reducing per capita resource use.  What’s next?

GREEN FILM GUIDE in Greater Philadelphia Film Office’s 2008 Film & Video Guide provides 12 pages explaining how to make filming here more energy-efficient and less wasteful.  Related business resources are listed.  GPFO recently hosted a “Green Scene” panel discussion.  —Philadelphia’s first green film consultants are Valerie Peckham (“reducing your project’s carbon footprint and making your production environmentally friendly”) and Michele Pollino
—Local filmmaker Kat Phillips of KatScratch Films plans her shoots for total recycling, tighter travel radii with fewest vehicles, local catering (least excess), set design (using salvage materials), and donation of excess to pantries. “These are easy and do not negatively affect the bottom line,” she says.

WHAT’S A GREEN COLLAR JOB? and WHAT’S A GREEN JOB?  All skills can be adapted to green work.


bicycles are now big wheels

bicycles are now big wheels

9 /18 TAKING BACK OUR STREETS: Cars, People, and Pavement.  URBAN SUSTAINABILITY FORUM 6-6:30pm reception;; 6:30-8:30 forum. Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.  Free  RSVP

9/19 PARKING DAY PHILLY joins the worldwide celebration of greener uses for public spaces: 

9/20 EDIBLE LANDSCAPING WORKSHOP by Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP)    2pm-4pm, Wyck Historic House Museum & Garden, 6026 Germantown Ave. “Eat local, from your yard!  Workshop will cover kitchen gardens, backyard orchards, edible forest gardens, container gardens, and plants that are both ornamental and delicious!  Bring a sketch of your yard and get a start on designing your own edible landscape.” Suggested donation $10.  RSVP Nicole Juday 215-848-1690  
—Philadelphia has 40,000 vacant lots and 50,000 chronically hungry chilren.

Preparing for Green Futures

Preparing for Green Futures

9/22 SOCIAL CHANGE CAREERS FOR GRAD STUDENTS, 5-8pm,  Houston Hall, UPenn, 3417 Spruce St.

9/25 CREATEADELPHIA! Creative Jobs Event , 10-2, World Cafe, 3025 Walnut St. 

9/27 BRIO VIM GRAND OPENING noon-7, 1543 Mole St.  Vegan BBQ, free massage, music.  A center for eco-living, weatherization workshops, crafts, movies, discussions.

10/3 SUSTAINABLE HEALTHCARE 8am-4pm, Children’s Hospital, 34th & Civic Center Boulevard.


GREEN BUSINESS INCUBATOR for rent in GREEN ON GREENE, Mt. Airy: “Ideal for eco organization or biz!”  Two-story corner bldg–6,000 sq. ft — anchored by the Environmental Home Store.  Current tenants include Environmental Home Store, Green World Furnishings, Moving Arts studio and Eco Impresario Services.  First floor office/workshop, not for retail.  Approx 1,000 sq. ft./ $1000/mo. Second floor >2,000 sq. ft. $2000/mo.  Pamela Rogow 267-974-0792

PUMPKIN MARKET sells everything organic, fair trade and local.  Foods not grown locally are at least processed by local businesses.  “Our prices are not above Whole Foods’,” says Hillary Bor.  They’re at 1610 South St.  215 545-1173

OTOLITH SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD meets highest standards.  “We source from the shortest routes, avoid overfishing, require minimal environmental impact with least invasive harvest,” says Amanda Aritan of Fishtown. She’s a Philly native who once worked for Alaska’s Division of Fisheries

THINK GREEN PEACE transforms vacant lots into Victory (over hunger) Gardens.  Sponsored by House of Umoja 

HAVE A GREEN BUSINESS IDEA?  Seek a grant or loan via


Green Building Alliance (GBA) seeks service providers for its JumpStart Assessment program, which is part of GBA’s Green Building Products Initiative.
—Projects may include analysis of green building product market research; green market positioning; green product certifications; product suppliers; purchasing; sector-specific analyses; energy efficiency; material type, requirements, and environmental issues or impacts; as well as transportation and larger development issues.
—GBA’s JumpStart Assessments are designed to assist Pennsylvania manufacturers in understanding and addressing the market opportunity for green building products and processes.   Valerie Hearn (412) 431-0709 x6007


Philadelphia is moving from grey to green.  Government, businesses, nonprofits, homeowners– everyone knows that our choice is between energy efficiency and collapse.  Thousands of Philadelphians will shiver and/or starve this winter.  Soon enough, even the wealthiest will feel the pinch.  But all these problems have solutions.
—With the crumbling of national markets and cheap fuel, regional and neighborhood trading systems for agriculture, energy, finance, housing, health care, manufacture, insurance and transit will ascend.
—Nearly everyone is contributing to such changes, modestly or boldly.  Green Philly NEWS joins many other voices contributing to these remedies.  We will prosper together.  –Paul Glover



“I am interested in starting a non-profit organization whereby vacant lots can be purchased to develop community gardens in the lower socio-economic areas of Philadelphia.”  –Jennifer Sobonski
—[REPLY]  This is an excellent proposal.  Most of Philly’s 500+ community gardens are not owned by gardeners.  As food prices rise, the highest and best use of vacant lots becomes agriculture.  See Think Green Peace (above), Neighborhood Gardens Association, Philadelphia Orchard Project  and PhilaFEL

“I am reading a great book about how restoring our cities and communities can actually be done profitably: reWealth by Storm Cunningham.   Also, I recently met a man studying for his MBA who is a disaster specialist. He goes around the world and helps restore order to places hit by disasters. He has come up with a much more efficient way to respond, using less money and less time. I think his ways could be used well to restoring cities too.  –Howard Fox

“I’ve looked at this site several times, and see few jobs listed.  Do you have more jobs in your database?  If so, how would a job seeker see them?”  –Rob
—[REPLY] The site launched two days ago, so we have been reaching out to businesses needing workers with green skills.  Your suggestions of businesses and others to contact to encourage reliance on the site are welcome!

“HI… went to web site, I am a retired cell biologist, ran my own lab etc. teaching, good gardener, general skills, e.g.painting and have done some  tile work, mainly since retiring from my lab have worked with children, running science and garden clubs, , started and keep up the school garden, am writing a science intro book… and am thinking of moving  from my tutoring work to work more relevant to greening.  Would like to learn about solar, how to green an old house, persuade others.  BUT need to be part time.
—”Any possibility of either pt jobs OR training?  (after the elections…) thanks, Vivianne, prof emer., currently ESL tutor
—[REPLY]  Your variety of skills can apply easily to greening the economy.  Recommend step A: enter the description you sent me, below, at REGISTER TO SEE JOB in  That’s where you’ll be noticed by employers seeking employees.  Review the list of green skills when you register.  And if you have an idea for a business or service, you can find partners and grants and loans through the site too.  

“Lookin good!!!!” — Steph McCreary

“I am looking for a green job so it’s timely that you sent the GreenJobsPhilly links. I am a landscape and preservation architect and tried to use the site to register and find a job in land stewardship and preservation. I found that I could not enter my zip code (19004); the voice code “pass-word” was unintelligible; and that I received error messages when I tried to complete and send the registration.”  –James Mullahy
—[REPLY] We’ve added more zip codes.  Whenever the security word is illegible, click the recycling symbol for another try.  

“I tried to register at your site and I keep on getting error messages. I learned about your site from a someone who was handing out information at the Farmer’s Market at Headhouse Square. Is there any other way I can submit my information?  Thank you!”  –Christine
—[REPLY]  We checked your registration attempt and found you needed to create and enter your password.  Please try again and let us know if you have any trouble.  All error messages are now copied to the webmaster for correction.  We’re still working to make this new site more user-friendly.


PENNSYLVANIA TO GAIN 86,385 JOBS by Investing in Global Warming Solutions
—”As the nation continues to debate its energy future, a new report released today shows that the U.S. can create two million jobs by investing in a rapid green economic recovery program, which will strengthen the economy, increase energy independence, and fight global warming.
—”The report, Green Recovery – A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy   was prepared by the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI).
—“We don’t have to choose between a clean, safe environment and job creation — we can have both,” said Joseph Otis Minott, Executive Director for Clean Air Council. 
—The report shows that the vast majority of the new jobs would be in the same areas of employment that people already work in today. For example, constructing wind farms creates jobs for sheet metal workers, machinists and truck drivers, among many others. Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings through retrofitting requires roofers, insulators and building inspectors. Expanding mass transit systems employs civil engineers, electricians, and dispatchers. 
—Clean Air Council: Katie Edwards, (215) 567-4004, ext. 102;

ENERGY CONSERVATION BILL (HB 2220) is source of green jobs.  Christine Knapp of PennFuture says, “The Pennsylvania House passed this bill months ago, but it has been languishing in the State Senate ever since. With energy prices on the rise and expected to only get higher, we cannot wait any longer to pass this landmark legislation to give businesses and homeowners the tools they need to cut their energy bills and save money.”  
—She urges prompt action asking state senators to sign the Pledge to the Families and Businesses of Pennsylvania.