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Green Jobs Philly News #9

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

GREEN JOBS PHILLY NEWS #9 is sent ONCE OR TWICE MONTHLY to 4,324 Philadelphia officials, businesses, organizers, environmentalists, union workers and jobseekers. Subscribe or unsubscribe:

FEATURED JOBSEEKERS AT GREENJOBPHILLY.ORG  Hire these folks and dozens like them:

Jess McMahan ready to work!

Jess McMahan ready to work!

—“I am interested in putting my skills and abilities to use to help make this world a better place. I am interested in political and social awareness through reporting, editorials, or work in non-profit organizations that support green living, wildlife protection, the conservation of resources, and recycling. I have experience in leadership, running and organizing meetings and fundraisers with a service fraternity while in college. It would give me great fulfillment to work with an environmental conscientious organization or institution. Work, to me, is a calling. I am not satisfied until it is something deeply meaningful, that helps others, and contributes to the great good, health, and happiness of the world.” –Jessica McMahan

—“I enjoy working with the earth and my hands and would like to do all that I can to help repair the damage done to our environment. I would like to find a job to help support me through college and in the future.” –Tim McCullough

OFFER AND REQUEST GREEN JOBS, green services, green grants and green loans. 

inventing the future

inventing the future


PREPARATE PARA LO MEJOR: Un guía para sobrevivir y disfrutar en el futuro verde de Filadelfia. 

HOW TO LAND A GREEN COLLAR JOB by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES)

3/9-5/1 JOB READINESS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM by American Cities Foundation. Sixty 11th & 12th grade students gain “job readiness” training, especially for the “Green Job” sector. Students will work two hours per day, four days/week Monday-Thursday.
–American Cities Foundation also seeks businesses to host students. Cost to businesses is only the time spent mentoring. “This is a small investment cost for assisting with a program that will shape and develop a significant portion of the 21st century workforce, regardless of the industry of the business”, says Program Director Alexander Houston. Apply: 215-476-8091 ext. 112.


Sen. Bob Casey listens to Katrina Schwartz. Looking on is Leanne Krueger-Braneky

Sen. Bob Casey listens to Katrina Schwartz. Looking on is Leanne Krueger-Braneky


GREATER PHILADELPHIA SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS NETWORK ISSUES 2009 DIRECTORY “10,000 copies of our biggest and best directory ever. They are a great resource for both business people and consumers.” We are happy to supply you with Member Directories! Rowan Spivey, Membership Coordinator 215-922-7400 ext. 3#. Please tell her how many directories you want (boxes of 100) and whether you can pick them up at the office.”"]



WHITE DOG CAFE HAS NEW OWNER, SAME SOCIAL/ENVIRONMENTAL/LABOR STANDARDS. By contract, Marty Grims will retain the values developed by Judy Wicks since 1983.

ELKINS PARK FOOD CO-OP FORMING has gathered over 300 households to buy a grocery store and revive it co-operatively.
KENSINGTON FOOD CO-OP FORMING has begun as a buying club
SELENE WHOLE FOODS CO-OP hiring new General Manager. Media, PA
SWARTHMORE FOOD CO-OP annual meeting 2/26, 7-9pm

* Clark Park Farmers’ Market, 43rd Street and Baltimore Ave, Saturdays, 10am-2pm.
* Fitler Square Farmers’ Market, 23rd & Pine, Saturdays, 10am-2pm.
* Powelton Village Farmers’ Market, Powelton & Lancaster Ave, Saturdays, 10am-4pm

food everywhere

food everywhere

CITY MAKES GRANTS FOR URBAN GREENHOUSES AND CONTAINER FARMING: “urban farming models using new or established technologies/processes which will generate economic benefits” and “would be replicable or scale-able on other sites in the city.”


Regional center is planned, “to train the average Joe on a variety of urban farming techniques as well as business development. The curriculum would include hands-on training [for] SPIN (small plot intensive) agriculture, fish farming, composting, processing, etc.” “One of the problems I have encountered in the food world in Philly is that they tend not to be reaching the people who would most benefit from fresh, affordable produce.” Ken Smith 609-273-4525.

COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE (CSA) FARMS INVITE PHILADELPHIANS TO BUY SHARES OF THIS YEAR’S CROP. Share the harvest, share the risk, share the future. “Henry Got Crops” CSA is a new partnership between Saul High School and Weaver’s Way Farm. Greensgrow is “city supported agriculture”  Dozens more

SCHUYLKILL PERMACULTURE NETWORK is linking regional permaculture advocates for promotion, education, resources. Sara Scott 


EARTH TO PHILLY Daily News brightens our green side


STRAIGHT FROM THE FARM Jennie takes great food pix, offers recipes.


GREEN DOCUMENTARIANS: Greendocs are “a group of young film makers who are passionate about the environment and sustainability.” First flix: “Making Sustainability Fun. “A suburban CSA powered by Solar Power and Bio Diesel fuel.” The Great Philadelphia Cleanup Day.” Next is “Green Jobs.” Jacques Sapriel 

GREEN MUMMERS stretch the style in day-glo motley, not Fancy but fine, dance with mutant giant slug to warn of nuclear weapons and global warming.  More pix!  

PHILADELPHIA’S NEW GREEN ECONOMY UNITES LABOR AND ENVIRONMENTALISTS says David Foster of the BlueGreen Alliance. His speech.  Pennfuture report of Foster’s talk 


LOCAL ARCHITECT THRIVES BY FEATURING SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Jibe Design has recently been awarded a project with the City of Philadelphia to renovate a recreation center to meet LEED silver. “We will measure and confirm the current energy and the improved energy use of the renovated facility as a pilot project.  I received this commission as a direct result of my experience and success designing upscale and affordable green residential projects.  My firm is solvent right now and I attribute this to accelerated marketing and the strength of the green construction sector.” Juliet Whelan  AIA, LEED AP 

warm and cool without fossil fuel

warm and cool without fossil fuel

EARTHSHIP PHILADELPHIA “Philadelphia Natives Work To Bring Self-Sufficient Eco-Architecture to City of Brotherly Love.” Transform neighborhoods and live independently off-off-the-grid: 3/2 from 6:30-11pm, Pyramid Club, 1735 Market St.
Rashida Ali-Campbell says: “Earthship Biotecture has been building all over the world. It is a viable solution to poverty. Not only will it be the first one in an urban setting in the United States, but it will be a giant step in making a positive impact on our community.” 


• Expanding capital investment in housing and other real estate
• Increasing family income and wealth
• Stimulating local economic activity and connections to regional economies
• Improving access to quality education
• Supporting healthy environments and lifestyles

 Grants through LISC.


 EX-OFFENDERS FIND WORK via Philadelphia’s National Comprehensive Center for Fathers. “I have recently had my own very positive experience in working with ex-offenders as work crews in a trash sort I conducted for the University of Pennsylvania.  My crews were provided by the National Comprehensive Center for Fathers and I can’t say enough good things about the organization or the men they sent me: reliable, hard working and respectful. Given the opportunity I would have hired them all, and I as I have more job opportunities they will be my primary source for workers.” –Maurice Sampson II

SECOND CHANCE (Baltimore) SEEKS TO EXPAND TO PHILADELPHIA, works with residents to train them in a wide variety of skill sets, ranging from carpentry to craftsmanship. They create skilled workers making a living wage with benefits for themselves and their families. By teaching workers to safely deconstruct a building without damaging its historic elements, they become self-supporting members of the community with new skill sets. From its starting operations in Baltimore, Second Chance has expanded its training program to Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC.


COMMUNITY REBIRTH ORGANIZATION PLAN (CROP) confronts economic crisis with broad neighborhood initiatives.


PHILADELPHIA SACRED SITES MAPPED BY EARTH SHAMANS is basis for healing tortured land. Amy Gialuco 




Time to be proud of this city and of each other.  Grassroots action sampled here is more typical of daily life than murder, so should dominate headlines.  Media ought deliberately inspire trust and cooperation rather than division.  The times require us to build together. –Paul Glover

barbarac@ wins$10.00 card: Infusion Coffee and Tea
tema_es@ wins$10.00 card: High Point Cafe, 602 Carpenter Lane (or Allen Lane Station)
–reply to to claim.  Businesses: provide your green gift card, get link.


2/16- 5/4 (Mondays) DESIGN YOUR OWN FREEDOM workshops for formerly incarcerated persons, 4-9pm, Jefferson Gardens Community Ctr. 1046 West Jefferson St. Mentoring/Sponsorship, Career Development, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, Parenting Skills, Family Unification/Reconciliation, Child Support, College/Vocational Options, Health/Nutrition/Exercise, Housing/Budgeting/Credit. Register until 2/12 Thomas Ford (215) 626-1915  

2/18, 2/19, 2/23: THE CITY BUDGET: TIGHT TIMES, TOUGH CHOICES “city officials will participate in these workshops to examine with citizens the real budget alternatives that will be generated by city departments.” Green programs are urgent priorities. Registration 6pm.  Program 7-9:30pm.
2/18: Mastery Charter School, Pickett Campus, 5700 Wayne Ave
2/19: St. Monica’s Catholic School, 16th & Porter
2/23 Pinn Memorial Baptist Church, 2251 N. 54th St

2/19 SUSTAINABILITY AND THE CITY BUDGET: SUSTAINABILITY EDUCATION, CAREERS, VOLUNTEERISM: Sustainability forum at Academy of Natural Sciences, 19th & Ben Franklin Pkwy.

2/21, 3/21, 4/18 FREE COMMUNITY ENERGY CONSERVATION WORKSHOPS, 8:30am–1pm. “Expert advice + free energy kit (efficient light bulbs, shower heads, weather-stripping, etc). Stay warmer this winter, help the environment, prepare for the expiration of PECO’s rate caps! PECO Financial Education Center, 4027 Market St. Register: Shawn McGeth 215-307-4917.

2/21 YOUTH CAREER EXPLORATION DAY with SEPTA. Grades 9-12, at 1234 Market St, Concourse Level, 8:30am-1pm. Tina Coombs (215) 580-7245  Jeri L. Morton (215) 580-3652 


2/26 RUNNING ON EMPTY: MAKE A LITTLE GO A LONG WAY‘ Panel discussion & networking 5:30-7:30pm, PNC Center,1600 Market, Center Hall. “Experienced entrepreneurs and business owners discuss strategies and share personal experiences on how to survive and thrive during challenging economic times.” Cost $25, includes light appetizers & cash bar.

2/26, COMPLETING THE SCHUYLKILL RIVER BIKE TRAIL to Create the Region’s First Green Corridor, Academy of Natural Sciences, 19th & Ben Franklin Pkwy. 6-8pm

2/26 CREATE YOUR OWN INSTRUMENT: Workshop for Teaching Artists, World Café Live 3025 Walnut Street, 10am-1pm. “Open the imagination through exploration of unique percussion instruments and the sounds they create.” Register


2/28 INTRO TO URBAN PERMACULTURE workshop emphasizes urban food growing– polycultures, plant guilds, edible forest gardens, no-dig gardening (build quality soil quickly with minimum labor). 1-3pm Wyck Museum/Garden, 6026 Germantown Ave. Phil Forsyth of Forsyth Gardens and Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP). $10 donation for POP & Wyck. Register:

3/2 PHILADELPHIA SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS honor 12 finalists and announce 5 winners at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  5:30pm-7:00pm (doors open 5pm). Pennsylvania Convention Center Auditorium, 12th & Arch Streets Following the awards ceremony, attendees will be admitted to the Flower Show. RSVP required.  Go from here to:

3/2 PHILLY EARTHSHIP FILM INTRODUCES AFFORDABLE ECO-ARCHITECTURE. Garbage Warrior, film of Earthship eco-architect Michael Reynolds chronicles the history of Earthship’s comfortable energy efficient structures, of which thousands have been built throughout the world during the past decade. Free at Pyramid Club 1735 Market St., Mellon Bank Center, 52nd fl, 6:30-11pm. Silent auction of donations by celebrities like Vanessa Williams, Olivia Newton-John, Harry Shearer, other entertainers and athletes. Refreshments and live music.  More info

3/13-15 GO GREEN EXPO Eco-tradeshow at Convention Ctr.

3/19 GREEN VIBRANT PHILLY NEIGHBORHOODS: What to do In Your Community, 6pm Academy of Natural Sciences, 19th & Pkwy

rolling together

rolling together

4/1 WEAVERS WAY BICYCLE COOPERATIVE 6:30 pm., 610 Carpenter Lane, 203-858-1875  Bike Collective Starter Kit


4/3-5 THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED: 20 hrs WORKSHOP: “hands-on experience using playful yet powerful interactive, theatre-based activities that strengthen communication, listening skills, fostering consensus, fresh perspectives on personal and workplace challenges, creating practical solutions for more equitable relationships and community interaction.” Non-actors welcome. Gas & Electric Arts 2030 Sansom St . Register: Lisa Jo Epstein: 215.407.0556

April: BIOPHILIA WORKSHOP for LIFE SCIENCE EDUCATORS (science teacher high school or college). To apply: resume + 2-3 paragraphs on reasons for wanting to take this course. Course limited to 10 participants. Stipend. Apply by 3/15


“I provide green training for disadvantaged people. Just wanted to reach out to you and perhaps network and see if you provide training as well. Do you ever come across any employers that have a need for a workforce? Somewhere around 50+ jobs?  Looking to identify training dollars, maybe we can work together.” –Mindy Shoengold 
—[REPLY] I’m assuming the most powerful route to creating jobs for low-income folks is by lowering the costs of heating and eating, by such programs as:
—* build insulation factories which use recycled newsprint and fly ash
—* build passive solar tools like solar heat boxes
—* grow and process food in neighborhoods
—Capitalizing low-cost bottom-line neighborhood industries should be possible through foundations, government, credit unions and even investors. 
—They can even start as member-owned mutual aid buying clubs.
—Training for such work requires less education and time.

“Thanks for helping to keep everyone in the loop. Please sign up our Career Developer here at Ready, Willing & Able.”  –Kate Houstoun

“I was just reading the City Paper and of course, read your article “Prepare for the Best” and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am a biology teacher and an artist teaching at BCCC and am offering a workshop on the concept of Biophilia.  It is very much like what you wrote about in your article.  We are going to have educators design currciculums based on the larger community– ecosystems, homeless animals and people, plants, insects, everything and we are using David Orr’s “Earth in Mind” as part of our discussions along with my workbook on art and ecology.  The PA Dept of Enviornmental Education is sponsoring it and there is a $100 stipend plus all materials included. There is also a screening of Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring 3/13 at the college, where we will be talking about creativity and nature.  Thanks for a great article- I hope it all happens.” –Caryn Babaian

“Since summer 2008, I’ve been waiting excitedly for announcements about how Rendell’s new energy fund will be disbursed. DEP finally released announcements on a first batch of programs to use the funds.  Programs include:
* A 25% ($25,000 max.) matching grant program for small businesses investing in energy savings (building envelope, processes, lighting, solar). So a business can take the 30% (no limit) federal investment tax credit (claimable over several years, in case income tax is less than the 30% of project cost), plus the grant money and save $55,000 straight cash off the cost of a $100,000, 20KW solar array — enough to power a small workshop or a large retail/office business with zero electricity bill on a yearly basis, for a utility bill savings of well over $7,000 per year, and that at 2009 prices (rate caps come off starting 2010). With $45,000 invested out-of-pocket, that’s more than 14% annual return virtually guaranteed, and potential for >20% return if energy experts’ predictions on pricing into next decade prove true.
* 2% subsidized financing available for up to 75% of the energy-saving/ renewable energy project cost. This funding changes the cost/benefit of solar for a business from a marginal case, IF they have access to capital, to a very hot opportunity.
—”I’m a newly licensed electrician in Philadelphia, looking to bring solar array installation instructors to town.” — Robert Monk
—[REPLY] Grant application and guidelines Keyword: Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant

“Excellent! This is a great resources for all things green, and definitely look forward to putting it to use. I’ll be referring others to it as well.” –Russell Hicks, Project Great Potential 

“I heard you on the radio last night briefly talking about a solar heater. Is there any infomation available on constructing one? I can sure use it.” –Richard Wizenick
—[REPLY] Details for building a simple, low-cost solar box heater to catch free heat even on winter days.

“I would like to compliment you on your well written article “Prepare for the Best.” Your knowledge and insight for short term and long term solutions really piqued my interest in more ways than one.
 —” I am 51 years old, married with 2 children and have been an independent sales representative in the home furnishing industry since 1982. I’ve made an adequate income since getting into business.
 —”Currently the state of the economy is in severe dire straights as you know, and I am seriously investigating different avenues to continue working and earning income, but perhaps this time it will be something that offers additional benefits for more people than my own immediate family.” –Hill Orloff

“First, HUGE THANK YOU for organizing this movement and all the work you do.  I’m writing to receive the Green Jobs Philly booklet.  I would love to order 5 copies. Is there somewhere in CC that has them?  How do I pay? I’d also like to get the monthly that’s coming out.  Please let me know how to do this.” –JiM
—[REPLY]  My efforts are part of a very large movement with many leaders locally.  Sustainable Business Network, American Cities Foundation, Pennfuture and other groups have committed great resources. Welcome to the News mailing list. I can mail 5 copies of Green Jobs Philly to you for $20, postage included.

——“I was referred to the Green Jobs Philly newsletter. I was wondering if and how I could register for the newsletter. I am currently a senior at Haverford College looking for environmental jobs in the Philadelphia area. Thanks a lot for your help!” –Zoe Lloyd
—[REPLY] Welcome to the list. You might upload your resume

“As a teacher with summers off, I’ve been thinking about trying to find employment somewhere in the area and would love to be a part of something green.  I have interned for two full summers on a small CSA organic vegetable and cut flower farm in Virginia and would love to continue with some work along those lines.  I thought you may be an excellent resource for providing me ideas about where I could best be of service in the Philadelphia community.  I’ve attached my resume if that helps at all.  Thank you in advance for any and all help you may provide and thank you for the work that you do!!!!” —Brandon Nord
—[REPLY] Check the food section of Mill Creek Farm, Philly Orchard Project, Greensgrow, etc are leading urban agriculture here. I think there’s a large untapped niche for Edible Landscaping. Growing beautiful plants in yards that yield food instead of just flowers.  Would help you market this if you connect to or start such a business.  See the book Edible Landscaping, by Rosalind Creasy, and related books.

“I recently graduated from UC Davis with a master’s degree in Environmental Horticulture and moved back to Philadelphia to look for work in environmental/garden/food education or urban agriculture.  I’ve been speaking with people from community organizations, health initiatives, arboreta and nature centers all over Philadelphia to get a feel for what’s happening in these fields in Philadelphia right now.  I would love to speak with you about your field over the phone or in person.” –Erica