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Green Jobs Philly News #12

Friday, May 15th, 2009

This newsletter is broadcast MONTHLY to 5,024 Philadelphia officials, businesses, environmentalists, organizers, jobseekers. SUBSCRIBE OR UNSUBSCRIBE:

Divine Green Lorraine, by Aaron Birk ©2009 Green Jobs Philly

Divine Green Lorraine, by Aaron Birk ©2009 Green Jobs Philly

HISTORIC PRESERVATION INCENTIVE ACT (House 42) would provide grants to $15,000 for external restoration or rehab of historic homes, and tax credits up to $500,000 for rehab of historic businesses. 
—Pennsylvania Works says that “restoring historical assets would create “local jobs in restoration, construction and other crafts and trades.

—”Studies show that rehabilitating existing buildings creates more jobs for the same dollar of investment in new construction because rehabilitation is more labor-intensive.” Pennsylvania is one of four states east of the Mississippi River that still lacks a tax credit for rehabilitating historic commercial buildings.


 SOLAR STATES connects public school students with the green collar economy through training and jobs, partnering with Philadelphia high schools to create solar energy courses. Micah Gold-Markel 

GREENFIELD RESTORATIVE JUSTICE PROGRAM and Mural Arts Program “reconnect young people to their community… by creating murals and engaging in community revitalization through workshops with youth from St. Gabriel’s Hall, E3 Centers, VisionQuest, and men at the State Correctional Institution at Graterford. Robyn Buseman 215.685.0756


JOIN (Job Opportunity Investment Network) will “identify, recruit and evaluate 500 new and marginally-employed [Philadelphia] workers and pair them with green job opportunities. JOIN will use community organizations to recruit potential trainees, assess their current skills, and provide pre-training and work preparation skills…” 

GREENWORKS PHILADELPHIA is the City’s smart and detailed guide to government and corporate leadership that will make Philadelphia “America’s Greenest.” This new 67-page report by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability proposes 15 targets and dozens of specific actions for 2015. All but trash-to-energy are environmentally-friendly . Some of these recommendations are quite bold, yet they’re offered as “only the first step in a long-term effort to rebuild Philadelphia…”
REFRESHINGLY, 40 YEARS AFTER the collapse of heavy industry, Philadelphia is shaking off rust to think big. Our mayor now flexes policy muscle for urban agriculture, more transit and bikes, fewer cars; endorses more trees, weatherization, solar, wind, recycling; less trash. This is an excellent document.
YET IT SHOULD BE NOTED that the greenest of America’s cities are not sustainable, because they are dependent on imported oil, natural gas, uranium and food. For Philadelphia to thrive fifty years hence, every neighborhood will rebuild, to the last nut and bolt, with new dwellings and tools which feed, fuel, water and house comfortably without centralized fuels. We will make this city unrecognizably superior.
—Greenworks exists because the public demands change and the good work that change brings.
SEVERAL SACRED COWS stand across the green path. Health insurance is dead weight on Philadelphia’s green future, diverting taxes from schools, swimming pools, libraries, clinics, and retrofit. Absentee landlords, including City Hall, squat on empty land that could be feeding people. Committing vast acreage to agriculture permanently redefines profit and urban life. Automobiles (even small ones) poison water, air, budgets and foreign policy. Streets least used can be gradually reclaimed for trolleys, bikes, emergency vehicles, gardens and play. Sewerage sends poop and pills into our rivers, basements, fisheries and bodies. There are clean alternatives. Consumers have been trained to demand lifestyles that will ruin our grandchildren. Schools should be teaching creativity more than obedience. Media need to respect the future. Population increase is less urgent than equity.
—May we lead the changes that next generations will enjoy.


GREENING GROCERY The Green Supermarket/Grocery Initiative intends “to bring more fresh food into communities by leveraging the energy-saving power of environmentally sustainable building practices to make carrying fresh food economically feasible.”

PHILADELPHIA LOCAL FOOD GUIDE 2009 is insert in City Paper 5/14. Lists all places to get locally grown and produced food, including restaurants, stores, co-ops, farmers’ markets, CSAs, institutions, etc.



DELAWARE RIVER WATERFRONT CORPORATION (formerly Penn’s Landing)  Caryn Hunt “A great opportunity for anyone interested in food retail and/or urban agriculture.”




FAIR FOOD PHILLY by Fair Food Farmstand in Terminal Market 

EDIBLE LANDSCAPES AT SCHUYLKILL CENTER SEEK VOLUNTEERS to help 6 artist teams create an art garden: “vegetables native to the Americas, a water-runoff collected and irrigation project, a medicinal herb garden, apple orchard, and raised bed garden with a tiny art studio in the middle!” Help dig, plant, weed, harvest.

PHILADELPHIA ORCHARD PROJECT WISH LIST: tax-deductible donations of orchard plant materials: figs, kiwi vines, raspberries, comfrey, strawberries, wheelbarrows, shovels, garden rakes, trowels, pruning tools, hoses, soaker hoses, gator bags, Mushroom compost delivery, Grape trellis construction, Rainwater harvest installation. 


GIFT CERTIFICATE WINNERS: ($10 from Earth Bread Brewery, Infusion Coffee & Tea, High Point Cafe: LAZAR, AIMEE, LAURAWEIS, reply with mailing address to claim.




THE METROPOLITAN MOMENT: special Daily News green Philadelphia section with Plan Philly 




PA FOUNDATIONS ONLINE searches 2,140 statewide grantors by keyword and/or address. Current specific information on funding is available for a few dollars monthly. Also available free, at Free Library on the Parkway. Don Nye 215-592-4035 

GREEN BANKERS: Philadelphia’s new e3bank launches its $30,000,000 private equity offering. Minimum investment $5,000. Weekly Webinars for potential investors Wednesdays, 3:30pm.

FEDERAL RECOVERY ACT FUNDING for local governments and non-profits with shovel-ready projects that will save or conserve a minimum of 25% energy. Scheduled for mid-June. 

PENNSYLVANIA SOLAR ENERGY PROGRAM reimbursements and loans for alternative energy. Administered jointly by the Department of Community and Economic Development and the Department of Environmental Protection.

PENNSYLVANIA SUNSHINE SOLAR PROGRAM provides $100 million grants for solar electric (PV) and solar hot water for homeowners and small businesses.

PENNSYLVANIA ENERGY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (PEDA) GRANTS for alternative energy. Most types of business are eligible, including most non-profits, municipalities, colleges and universities. Deadline 5/29. 


GREEN WAREHOUSE 380,000 ft2 (9th at Girard, a.k.a Quaker Warehouse or John Wanamaker) being organized by Community Land Trust Corporation as green incubator plus intergenerational housing. Weatherization & Insulation Enterprises, Energy Efficiency , Solar, Geo-thermal, Green House, Green Roof, Community Gourmet Test Kitchen, Cafeteria & Food Service Enterprises, 24 hour Daycare & Laundry, Community Environmental Education, Industrial Warehouse. Eloise Edmonds 


NEW BIKE RACKS in University City. Over 100 new racks were installed throughout University City and West Phila in April by the City and University City District.

PHILADELPHIA 4th MOST WALKABLE CITY IN THE U.S. says WalkScore Enter your address on the website to get your neighborhood’s “walk score” as well as a list of all grocery stores, restaurants, parks, etc. within walking distance.

CAMAC STREET, LAST WOOD STREET IN U.S., IS NEWLY REPAIRED south of Walnut. Preserved in 1980s by neighbor advocates. Wood was once popular because quieter when horses passed.

SEE PHILADELPHIA’S PAVED AREAS. Replacing paving with gardens, orchards and playgrounds will dramatically revive this city.



GREENFEST PHILLY SEEKS VENDORS for 9/13, 11am-6pm. Register. Theme of this year’s event is sustainable food, but all green goods/services welcome.

COMMERCIAL RECYCLING ENFORCED by RecycleNOW Philadelphia. All businesses, schools, and apartment buildings of more than six units must provide recycling for employees and/or tenants. 

COUNCIL FOR RESPONSIBLE SPORT certifies marathons and other races. Boston on list; Philadelphia not yet.


GREEN JOBS PHILLY NEWS WISH LIST (all donations tax-deductible and matched)
* reformat News and job search pages
* web hosting
* outreach at festivals, markets, meetings
* display creation and materials
* cash for display materials, web hosting, editorial, phone, mailing, literature
* your display ads: $50/month for all 20 pages. 215 805-8330




5/18 URBAN FARM ACADEMY organizational meeting, Thomas Jefferson University, 5:30-7:30pm, Jefferson Alumni Hall (JAH) conference room (Locust between 10th and 11th), mezzanine. Christiaan Morssink, Kenneth D. Smith  609-273-4525

5/21 GROWING SUSTAINABLE PHILLY NEIGHBORHOODS: How can we feed Philadelphia? Urban agriculture: exploring ways that growers, markets, and consumers can strengthen and improve Philadelphia’s access to healthy, safe and affordable food.” 6-8:30pm, Academy of Natural Sciences. RSVP

5/22 GROWING THE GRANGE 8:30am, Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, workshops for the regional farming community. Expert practitioners will lead the sessions: Seed saving, hoop house construction, small space farming, business planning, more. Register Fee: $10 partial day or $15 full day. Lunch included! (scholarships available)

5/25 SUPA EVENT delete, from prior issue.

5/26 NEW VOICE OF BUSINESS: Philadelphia Chapter Kick Off Meeting, Academy of Natural Sciences, 6:00-7:30pm. “An introduction to a coalition of business organizations across the U.S. working for economically-sound, environmentally-sane solutions…”

5/27 JOBS WITH JUSTICE Celebrates 10 Years of Solidarity. Because You Only Turn Ten Once. 5:30-7pm, The William Way Center, Mark Segal Ballroom, 2nd Fl., 1315 Spruce St. RSVP Fabricio Rodriguez 215 670-5855. Cocktail Reception will celebrate Ten Leaders for Ten Years of Jobs with Justice. Keynote Speaker Arlene Hotl-Baker re: Employee Free Choice Act. Tickets $50from Fabricio 215-670-5855. Music by Lee G. Design by Soul Purl 77.

5/28 FAIR FOOD FARMSTAND FUNDRAISING PARTY celebrates doubling size, moving to 12th St side. Reading Terminal Mkt, 6:30-9pm, $15 minimum; $10 advance at Farmstand or 

5/30 GREENFEST MIX-N-MINGLES for sponsors and exhibitors. AxD Gallery at 10th & Spruce. Sustainable Art Show. $10 suggested donation. FREE with GreenFest Registration & rsvp. Not open to public. 

6/2 PHILADELPHIA MATERIAL PROJECT: Redeveloping Local Manufacturing Infrastructure, 8:00am - 12:00pm, Center for Architecture; 1218 Arch.  Cost: $20. What will it take to redevelop vibrant, sustainable, local manufacturing infrastructure in the Philadelphia region? This half day event will begin to answer this question by bringing together professionals from different fields across the supply chain: design, materials, manufacturing, distribution and financing with knowledge specific to Philadelphia. Through case studies, facilitated discussions and brainstorming sessions, we will identify the current gaps in infrastructure and determine our common goals for local manufacturing. Presented by the Sustainable Business Network and Green Village Philadelphia


6/5 PHILADELPHIA ECO-HOME NETWORK meet-and-greet to trade home ecology ideas, encouragement, resources. First meeting at 719 E. Passyunk Ave, 7pm, home of GreenSteps 267 519 3564 or Each meeting at new home.


6/10 COMMERCIAL RECYCLING ADVOCACY WORKSHOP, Academy of Natural Sciences, 6:30-8pm, 

6/14 ART FOR THE CASH POOR art sale & party, 120+ artists, everything under $200. 1400 N. American St, 1-6pm.

6/18 PHILADELPHIA GREENWORKS, 6:30-8:30pm Featuring: Dr. Mark Alan Hughes: Director of Sustainability. “an in-depth look at the first sustainability framework released by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. 

6/24 COLOR OF MONEY: Professional Development Conference for Fundraising Professionals of Color, 8am-5pm, Howard Gittis Student Center, Temple University . “Empowering today’s fundraising professionals of color. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to secure funding for your nonprofit organizations or charitable cause.” Register: $95; $125 after 5/28  Presented by Philadelphia Foundation.


“I am not much of a grassroots, blog writing, community activist; but I want to be.  To my knowledge, there is not much of a collaborative movement for Green “stuff” in West Chester.  Can you give me some tips on how to start getting people more active?  I read about the council meeting that Philly is having regarding the use of plastic bags and possibly imposing a tax on each.  I also read about the initiative to ban styrofoam (WHICH I AM A HUGE ADVOCATE OF!).  How does one get started with these types of things in their own towns?  Can you point me somewhere that I can get, for lack of a better term, “Step-by-Step” instructions on this type of thing?” –Kerry
—[REPLY] There are lots of problems to fix, and lots of ways to fix them.  You’ve taken the first step by listing some issues important to you.  Next, research how other communities have solved the problem/s.  Then imagine solutions specifically for West Chester: legislation, education, incentives, alternatives.  Then find a few who agree with you (letter to editor, tabling in public places, flyers on bulletin boards, etc).  Then hold your first core group meeting and gather more ideas.  Start a group: give it a name easy to remember, like POP, PIF, Chesters Opposing Waste (COW).  Then announce your first public meeting.  Keep pushing: Yes is the only right answer.  See also:

“I talked to you at one of the NN meetings about putting in a rooftop garden and need to find a structural engineer. I need to find out how much weight my garage can tolerate.  So if you know of anyone would you send me their name and telephone number.” –Katherine Hayden
—[REPLY] The most reliable green roof firm in Philadelphia is Roofscapes.  They specialize in roof garden load calculation and installation.

“My background is in business development, sales and account management in the IT and Engineering realms, but a recent layoff has given me time to re-think my direction. With the resources and government funding now committed, the clean energy / green industry is certainly one area I’m now exploring for career options as it looks poised for a great future - particularly solar energy. Feel free to pass my attached resume along to anyone in your network that you know is looking for a solid professional.” –Scott Shaffner
—[REPLY] Good luck with search. You can upload your resume at and there also see what your fellow jobseekers are offering. Attend relevant meetings to connect.

“During the great depression, FDR put thousands of people back to work in the first 100 days. I genuinely like President Obama (massively better than Bush), but I believe his states-based approach and internal federal agency spending “alone” was a deployment mistake, or the best our dysfunctional system of hyped-up special interests could provide now; we’ll see what happens.  I have more hope for the Van Jones-Obama efforts. At a recent press conference, I was disappointed when Obama side-stepped a tough question from a reporter about the African-American male unemployment rate in NYC now being 50%, and when could folks start “seeing” results and jobs.  He talked about how the stimulus would eventually lift us all up…hmmm…that answer sounded like Bush and those ridiculous $600 checks that were part of “go shopping” after 9/11/01.” –Ed Pickett

“Like you, I spend much of my time telling anyone who will listen about green jobs and their potential! I run a global green jobsite,, one of the most popular in the renewables space, I wasn’t sure if you would have come across it yet as we only launched this year.
—”We provide guidance, information and news on the green careers markets as well as having more than 600+ green energy jobs posted in more than 20 countries worldwide giving us as broad reach as any other site. Our Linkedin group has 5,000 members too. If you haven’t already done so I recommend you take a look. Keep up the great work!” –Sam

“I read about the unpaid internship in the current issue of Green Jobs Philly news. I am very interested in participating. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 33 years old, currently unemployed. I spent 12 years in the military, and was discharged after being injured in Iraq. I am a disabled veteran, but it is minor and does not effect my ability to work.
—”I am fully computer literate with Mac and Windows, and I have been teaching myself HTML. I have no problem working outdoors, and no issues with public speaking. Anything else that may be needed I guarantee I can learn it, quickly.
—”If you would like to speak with me, I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.” –Mike Ulmer
—[REPLY] Thanks for offering to volunteer to promote green jobs in Philadelphia. Since Green Jobs Philly doesn’t have an office– published from my room– our office is the community– meetings, festivals, farmers’ markets, events.  Most of my work is collecting emails from people who’d like to receive the News, learning from them what they’re doing, helping people connect to resources.
—You’ve looked at the intern page
 Please tell me which of the tasks there most suit your interests.  You mentioned public speaking, and that’s a great contribution.  What else catches your interest? What’s the scene in your part of town, and how do you see green jobs meeting needs there?

“I enjoy receiving your newsletters. Keep up the great work.” –Glynis Tart

I didn’t get to read through this whole beautiful thing yet, but CONGRATULATIONS! IT LOOKS LOVELY! Your vision is coming through STRONG.  Thanks for my morning’s dosage of INSPIRATION!!” –Steph

“Wow.  Thank you for sending me the link to your newsletter; it is like an abundant garden itself.  You really organized a lot of information in an easy to comprehend and navigate way.  Really good format for central clearinghouse.  Really nice to see this.” –Krista Bard 

“I was very encouraged and moved by the fruit tree planting efforts. I am a horticulture student at Temple University Ambler with a background in medicinal plant and healing arts studies. Since last summer,  I have been working on a small medicinal plant/ vegetable community garden in Northern Liberties. I am contacting you because I’d love to be more engaged in Philly’s green movement.” –Teresa Trego 
—[REPLY] I hadn’t heard of the NoLibs herb garden.  Good work.  How’s that coming?  
—There are only two edible landscapers in Philadelphia. This is a huge niche for green business development . Yards should be edible as well as pretty.
—As you know, volunteering often leads to employment.  The several food organizations listed in Green Jobs Philly News, current and past issues, are a good place to start.  Also the organizations linked from Otherwise, link your resume from Green Jobs Philly 

“The new layout of the site is nice. Great to see how far this has come, with the beautiful pictures and graphics.  Hopeful in itself!” –Steve

—”Humans are an urban people, and our civilizations throughout history have been rooted in our cities. Therefore, the health of our civilizations is the health of our cities, and local gardening, and the reclamation of alienated spaces, to my mind, is an important component in fostering equality and mutuality in our urban communities.
—“My overriding hope is that… we can reclaim urban spaces, on an appropriate scale, to produce food locally. The problem is that I have had trouble finding resources and examples of just how and where this type of work is being done. This morning, over an energizing cup of tea, I stumbled upon a seeming goldmine of resources. Green Jobs Philly is a networking site, complete with news and resources about urban agriculture and other green initiatives in Philadelphia. –Zachary Bullock 

“Thanks so much for sending your web publication—what a monumental task and wonderful community effort this is.” –Pat

“I will make sure that the word gets out about up here in the Lehigh Valley.” –Matthew Tuerk, Assistant Director, Allentown Economic Development Corporation