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Green Jobs Philly NEWS #21

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

The Trolley Car Diner ice cream line

The Trolley Car Diner ice cream line


1.  Read “What’s a Green Job
2.  Read “How to Green Your Resume
3.  Attend meetings to meet green business owners (see EVENTS below)
4.  Meet fellow green jobseekers to brainstorm starting a business
5.  Check the green jobs listed
6.  Read back issues of Green Jobs Philly News and browse hundreds of links to Philadelphia green initiatives.



BRING YOUR MONEY HOME TO CREATE JOBS HERE: There are 62 CREDIT UNIONS in Philadelphia and 592 in Pennsylvania.  The best of them invest deposits in their neighborhoods.  They are controlled by boards of directors elected by neighbors.


Suns heats water even in winter

Suns heats water even in winter

LATEST SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEM, installed by Rushforth Solar, at Gateway Towers, 3800 Sheaff Ln (west edge of FDR golf course).  Public tour 7/30, 11am.

SPRINGSIDE SCHOOL GOES SOLAR:  Blue Renewable Energy will install a 194 kilowatt solar photovoltaic system on six connecting rooftops of facilities at 8000 Cherokee St. The system will generate 66% of their electricity.

GREEN AND HEALTHY INITIATIVE introduces two initiatives.   Healthy Homes Program teaches green energy to homeowners, and the Green Professionals Training prepares residents and contractors for green construction jobs.  This is an impressive partnership between The Partnership CDC, LISC Sustainable Communities Initiative West; PECO, BIO Neighbors, and R.I.S.E.– the Mayor’s Office of Reintegration Services for Ex-Offenders.
—Homes with eco-roofs save an average of $300 per year on their energy bill.
Alix Howard (215) 662-1612 x 22

FREE AIR CONDITIONING: MOVE TO THE BASEMENT: While it’s 90 degrees outside, your basement stays 15-20 degrees cooler. Remodeling hundreds of thousands of Philadelphia basements can create thousands of green jobs.

Its cool to live underground

It's cool to live underground

from rec room to living room
underground Philadelphia
local contractors
costs vary according to extent of finish and waterproofing needed
more estimates


GERMANTOWN COMMUNITY CONNECTION seeks to “create an inclusive, diverse, self-sufficient, thriving and environmentally friendly Germantown that welcomes people of all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds to a safe, visually pleasing and well-coordinated community for shopping, eating, living and cultural enrichment.”


Got my job through Green Jobs Philly: Lee Meinike with Jen Spencer
Got my job through Green Jobs Philly:
Lee Meinike with Jen Spencer

PHILLY COMPOST PARTNERS WITH THE SCHUYLKILL CENTER. Philadelphians discard tons of food daily.  This is the food of more food, when composted.  Philly Compost’s new home, beside the Schuylkill Center’s two acre organic farm, moves kitchen waste from trash to treasure.  Students from Philadelphia University, Philly Compost and Schuylkill Center staff will create a structure using reclaimed materials.  The post-frame building’s shed roof will capture rain for on-site use.  Two Earth Tubs inside will keep food scraps mixed and aerated.  Visitors will learn the composting process.  Lee Meinicke and Meenal Raval started the business last year and foresee vast growth.


LOVE N’ FRESH FLOWERS stem the damage done by the flower industry (global import, energy-intensive, pesticides, herbicides, worker exploitation) by growing locally organically, drip irrigated and hand-weeded.  Over 50 species of flowers are available, many native, perennial and/or heirloom,  to help support biodiversity.  Currently in season are poppy seed pods, green and purple lisianthus, hydrangea, flowering oregano, magenta sweet williams, and sunny rudbeckia.
—”Most of the flowers in our market garden are put to good use in creating eco-lovely floral decor for Philadelphia weddings.  Because we only use locally grown flowers (we mean it when we say ‘from seed to centerpiece’), our floral designs are always different and changing.”  They teach floral design workshops.

GREENER PARTNERS is contributing to the resurgence of organic farming within the Greater Philadelphia region.

PHILADELPHIA CROPMOB Folks interested in group-effort agriculture to plan mob days, to weed, plant, harvest, build gardens, etc. Inspired by

PHILLY FOOD BUCKS: Food Stamp/SNAP users get a 40% discount on Fruits and Vegetables at 19 farmers’ markets by receiving a $2 Philly Food Bucks coupon for every $5 spent. Organized by the Food Trust and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.


PHILADELPHIA URBAN FARM MACHINERY AND TOOLS COOP forming to save money “to help make urban farms the most profitable and run smoothly.”  Kimberly Mackiewicz, Agribusiness Management, Penn State Philadelphia County Extension Office.





Health care that heals neighborhoods too

Health care that heals neighborhoods too

PATCH ADAMS FREE CLINIC AT PHILADELPHIA is organizing via Facebook.  Will provide primary care free to all, and special benefits to members.  PATCHatPHILLY LISTSERVE

HEATH CARE SURVIVAL GUIDE: Cost-Saving Options for the Suddenly Unemployed, by Martin Rosen and Abbie Leibowitz.  This clear small  book, published in Plymouth Meeting does a good job of helping the uninsured and under-insured navigate worse and worse choices.  For deeper background about Pennsylvania’s corrupt insurance regulation, see A Crime Not a Crisis



7/30 JOB HUNTING SEMINAR by Philadelphia Business Journal, 8-9:15am, 400 Market Street, 12th Fl

8/7 GREEN ROOF WORKSHOP Learn the benefits and design of green roof systems and make your own “mini” green roofs!  RSVP by August 1st to Zoe: or 215.427.0350 x 103

8/14 COMPOSTING WORKSHOP  Learn how to set up, maintain, and customize your own backyard composter!  RSVP to Zoe or 215.427.0350 x 103

8/14 PEOPLES FESTIVAL HONORING MOTHER EARTH, Vernon Park, Germantown Ave at Chelten, noon-8pm.

9/10-12 PHILLY HONEY FEST: Wyck Historic House, 1825 Frankford Ave. 215-739-691



”I wanted to ask you if you knew of anyone in town who had initiated and “transition town” meet ups? I noticed on the DVS mailings that Glenside and Media had started up groups. Have you heard of West Philly or anyone else getting together?”  Tony Larson, Green Renovations (267) 266 5325
—[REPLY] Transition Towns is the latest incarnation of the sustainability movement, which during the 70s was called the community self-reliance movement.  Cheltenham is also organizing a Transition Town network.  In West Philadelphia, contact folks at Evolver Philadelphia.  They’re part of the Evolver social movement –a younger crowd.  LIkewise connect with Volk Libre.  Many good voices and efforts will converge.

“Please put me on your mailing list. We have a Green Workforce Training school. We are looking to open one of our schools in Philadelphia.”  –Rudy Scott

“Have you heard of the BlueGreen Alliance, out of D.C. and maybe the west Coast?  Thinking about volunteering with them in the future.”  –Bruce
—[REPLY]  Yes, see They bring together blue collar workers and environmentalists to advocate standards that conserve natural resources, which are the foundation of business and jobs.

”Your web site is inspiring. Makes me want to live in Philadelphia”  –Lawrence Souder

“ I am a researcher working on a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation that is examining state and local government policies aimed at supporting green jobs and clean energy industries in the U.S.  Pennsylvania and Philadelphia in particular are two out of approximately twenty states and major metropolitan areas selected for inclusion in what will be a nationally-distributed white paper comparing and evaluating different practices.
—”The project is currently in a draft phase after initial data collection from public sources.  I am wondering if you would be willing to look over the work that’s been done so far and comment on any errors, oversights, or directions for further investigation.  –Joe Datko
—[REPLY]  Seems like a good summary of state-level programs, though of course there’s more happening than any list completely covers.  While most green jobs program development focuses on federal and state programs, and on large corporate installation of solar and windmill, my focus with Green Jobs Philly News has been on neighborhood-based initiatives.
—With 400,000 unemployed in Philadelphia and 200,000 uninsured, all facing higher food, fuel  and health care prices, our greatest urgency as I see it is to facilitate community initiatives which employ neighbors to make and install simple technologies that lower the costs of living for heating, cooling, eating, healing.  Green Jobs Philly News has, for the past two years, introduced such initiatives amidst the formal programs.  Funding these, while federal and state monies move elsewhere, requires new community-based financial mechanisms.  I’ve drafted a plan for the Philadelphia Regional and Independent Stock Exchange (PRAISE) and the Philadelphia Fund for Ecological Living (PhilaFEL)
—More such programs are introduced in my article “Enriching Philadelphia
—Such urgent needs as Pennsylvanians have cannot wait for sufficient dollars, corporate investment, or legislative authorization.  I’ve started local currency elsewhere and co-op health plans.

“Just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the Green Jobs newsletter.  Keep up the great work.  Also wanted to let you know that there is a new beekeeping organization in Philadelphia.  Started last fall, the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild is growing rapidly.  We offer monthly meetings with speakers on beekeeping and also sponsor other bee-related events.  We are also sponsoring Philadelphia Honey Fest which is a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Lorenzo Langstroth (Philly native) who invented the movable beekeeping frame and revolutionized beekeping.”  –Adam Schreiber

“I represent a group of people with communities around the globe.  We are interested in local currencies, but are having a difficult time finding the U.S. government’s language that describes its legality.  Can you tell us where we can get the answer straight from the horses mouth, so to speak?”  –Mark Sheridan, Sacramento California
—[REPLY]  The best source is “Rethinking Our Centralized Monetary System: the Case for a System of Local Currencies.” Author Lewis Solomon, professor of legal research at GW University, lays out the legalities of community currencies.

“ How can I get a job to teach about the environment?”  –Robert Allen
—[REPLY] There are several Philadelphia schools which feature environmental education, though more and more include this theme.  If you’re ready to teach such subjects you might contact them.  Google environment educators philadelphia.  If you need to learn more in order to teach about the environment, visit Overbrook’s Environmental Education Center and study the articles on our home page.  Let me know what you’re particularly interested in.

“I am a co-founder and volunteer  Executive Director of the Community Cultural Exchange (CCE) whose mission since 2006 is to create community through art and culture. We do so by acting as a bridge between local art and culture groups, businesses, artists and the South Street Area community.  Encouraging the exchange of Philadelphia culture, we facilitate programs and events of all disciplines including musical, visual, performing, literary and wellness arts.
—”However, we do have a long term goal of creating a community facility with a library (of local works), a theatre, gallery, community living room and classrooms for individuals and groups to use. We would like to create a barter system so that people who want to use space to do their homework, practice an instrument, work on art, etc. will hand out programs at the theatre performance, restock the library, etc.
—”Therefore, I was wondering if you would be interested in speaking with me about ways the CCE can begin to create and implement a barter system?  Thank you so much for your time and all of the hard work that you do!”  –Natalie C. Felix
—[REPLY] Pleased to discuss local currency and barter with you.  Without these, as dollars decline, Philadelphia’s economy will crumble.  Let’s be rich instead.

DONATIONS TO GREEN JOBS PHILLY NEWS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE: Community Health Collaborative (memo: GJP), 140 W. Sedgwick St, Philadelphia PA 19119.  See Paypal button at top right of this page.