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Green Jobs Philly NEWS #23

Friday, September 24th, 2010

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Jazz Guys, by Blair Barbour

Jazz Guys, by Blair Barbour

GET HIRED AND HIRE EACH OTHER: Government and Wall Street will not create all the jobs that workers present and future need.  It’s up to us, starting in our neighborhoods and cities.  Visit Join our LISTSERVE.

MORE TRANSIT= MORE JOBS: If 20 metropolitan areas shifted 50% of their highway funds to transit, study says we’d generate 1,123,674 new transit jobs over a five-year period — for a net gain of 180,150 jobs over five years — without a single dollar of new spending.

GREEN JOBS PHILLY: THE BOOK now available as 58-page download.  Describes how we can create green jobs and new safety nets that employ 100,000 Philadelphians, to meet our basic needs.



STATE OF YOUNG PHILLY: IMAGINING PHILLY’S FUTURE “Brings together hundreds of young professionals and key city leaders to imagine the city’s future in four key areas – community engagement and volunteerism, government & leadership, business & entrepreneurship, and arts & culture.”


Brick City, by Blair Barbour

Brick City, by Blair Barbour

TUNE UP PHILLY “Elementary school students from low-income neighborhoods will soon begin study on a string, woodwind, or brass instrument. The curriculum will be based on El Sistema [that] values of ensemble learning, embracing joy while playing an instrument. Students meet two hours each day, five days a week, forty weeks a year during out-of- school time.”  Stanford Thompson
—Here’s a magnificent example of how El Sistema converts children (toddlers to teens) from low-income families into world-class musicians.

SEMILLA ARTS INITIATIVE “uses art as a catalyst for social change.”

HACKERSPACES for COWORKING like HIVE 76 and Independents Hall are incubators for “designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, marketers, videographers, game developers.”

77 NEW COMPUTER LABS FOR LOW-INCOME PHILADELPHIANS funding by $11.8 million program follows another successfully awarded proposal to invest $6.4 million.  “This federal stimulus grant award shows that community-based organizations can lead the way in connecting poor and working people in our city with necessary technology education,” said Bryan Mercer of Media Mobilizing Project.

FLYING KITE: Philadelphia news “Greater Philadelphia’s newest publication, a weekly online magazine focused on what’s next for the city and its suburbs. We’re creating a new narrative about Philadelphia, one that connects our readers with everyone and everything moving the city and entire region forward. We’re highlighting the people, ideas, neighborhoods, companies and institutions that are helping return Philadelphia to world-class city status.”




FOOD FOR ALL MARKET features allergy-free local/organic food.

HIGH POINT FARM grows food for High Point Cafe.


Click for VIDEO

Click for VIDEO

Patch Adams Free Clinic is on Facebook and video: Patch Adams Free Clinic at Philadelphia

PHILLY HOMEGROWN is a “grassroots wholistic health resource for the Philadelphia area.  Looking at health as a vital experience that spreads from creative individuals, benefitting a whole culture. If you make your own products, provide a wellness service, run a homegrown business, create using natural/organic home remedies, and/or make homegrown music, art, and use your vision to bring light & love to the universe-  please SPREAD THE LOVE & join the local network. Post video, audio, updates, and map events.
Serena will make a short video for your group for $45.



Fish Biker, by Ellen Marcus, new Philadelphian

Fish Biker, by Ellen Marcus, new Philadelphian


PAWS in the City




COMMONSPACE online tool “enables you to select how long you are willing to bike, walk, or take transit, plus the types of events or venues in which you are interested. From this the site creates a personal or group ‘transit shed’ within which local neighborhood venues, events and businesses are highlighted.”




Tim Garrity blogs here: “recycling houses i Philadelphia”

PHILADELPHIA’S COOL ROOF CAPITOL appears to be Fairmount neighborhood, south of Girard.   Parts of Kensington are close, probably thanks to the Energy Coordinating Agency.

PHILADELPHIA BOYCOTT DUE TO TAXING OF BLOGS may cost City Hall more than it collects.


SOLAR NOW CHEAPER THAN NUCLEAR “Commercial-scale solar developers are already offering utilities electricity at 14 cents or less per kWh. Duke Energy and Progress Energy are limiting or rejecting these offers and pushing ahead with plans for nuclear plants which, if ever completed, would generate electricity at much higher costs — 14–18 cents per kilowatt-hour according to present estimates.”


To become “America’s greenest city,” Philadelphia will need to catch up and pass many other cities.  Various cities are aggressively transferring land to agriculture.  They are expanding rail and transit systems.  They are shifting from cars to bikes.  They are requiring deep insulation for new construction.  They are collaborating with community credit systems, to rely less on dollars.  They are providing tax credits for green entrepreneurs, while dropping hurdles and lowering fees for green start-ups.  They are replacing wasteful household appliances.  They are permitting compost toilets.  They are welcoming co-op health plans.
—They are doing these things while their budgets shrink, and they are doing them to save money.


9/30 NIGHT MARKET PHILLY 6-10pm, Passyunk and Tasker

10/2 PUMPKIN MARKET COMMUNITY FESTIVAL 1610 South St.  5:30-6:30pm.  Free samples from community food vendors.

10/3 PHILLY SWAP 2010

10/4 EXPLORING YOUR SMALL FARM DREAM, a four-session course to help those thinking about small-scale commercial farming. October 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th, 6-9pm, Enterprise Center, 4548 Market Street.  Dennis Dozier 215-471-2200 x100.

10/6 HIVE OPEN HOUSE hackerspace, 915 Spring Garden (Suite 519), 7pm.

10/7 “HOW TO BUILD A SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND,” Melinda Emerson, 10am-noon, Pennsylvania Convention Center 1101 Arch Street, Room 308.  Reserve seat:

10/9 WALK FOR THE HORSES to “support a ban on the horse-drawn carriage industry in Philadelphia.”   1:00pm, west side of Sixth Street (across from the carriages), between Chestnut and Market, then follow the horses’ route. Rain or shine.

10/10 The NEIGHBORHOOD INTERFAITH MOVEMENT (NIM) cleans and greens Vernon Park in Germantown, noon-5pm.

10/12 UNITED COMMUNITIES ORCHARD PLANTING, 4pm. S. 8th St between Emily & Mercy.  ”Help the youth of United Communities in transforming this formerly vacant lot into an orchard and community space.   New plantings of pawpaws, blueberries, kiwi vines, and more!”

10/12 INFILL PHILADELPHIA PUBLICATION LAUNCH PARTY, Community Design Collaborative, Crane Arts Bldg, 4-6pm

10/16 TEMPLE PRESBYTERIAN ORCHARD PLANTING, 10:30am, W. Thompson & N. Franklin.  “Assist the Temple Presbyterian community in transforming the formerly vacant lot across from their church into a new garden of Eden!  Ceremony followed by planting. RAINDATE: 10/23, 10:30am

10/17 PHILADELPHIA APPLE FESTIVAL at Woodford Mansion, NW of 33rd & Dauphin, East Fairmount Park. “Ciderpressing, apple dessert contest, bean bag toss, tours of historic Woodford, planting a kitchen garden, wildflower border, and adding some new trees to the orchard.” Collaboration with the East Park Revitalization Alliance, Woodford, and Parks & Rec.

10/23 PEOPLEHOOD PARADE AND PAGEANT 50th & Walnut to Clark Park.  Join parade at noon, march at 1pm.

10/24 TOWARDS A JUST & SUSTAINABLE WORLD: WOMEN INSPIRING A NEW FUTURE, 1 –5pm.  “Local women will come together to discuss social justice and environmental issues.  They will look at the challenges along with the possibilities to create an inspiring future.”  Mishkan Shalom, Shurs Lane & Freeland Ave in Roxboro.  Register. $10 donation requested.

10/30 TOWN MEETING FOR JOBS NOT WAR, Community College of Philadelphia, 9am-3pm, Bonnell Hall (BG-10), 17th St between Spring Garden and Callowhill St

11/9 INCOME OPPORTUNITIES IN URBAN AGRICULTURE, 6-8pm, The Enterprise Center 4548 Market St.

11/18 TEDXCONFERENCE Perelman Center, 260 South Broad.  “Our goal is to showcase practitioners, makers, dreamers and thinkers who are contemporary and thought provoking; who are pushing the boundaries of their own disciplines; and who are working towards a more purposeful, socially responsible future. The event is multi-disciplinary by nature and the speakers echo the diverse perspectives present in our city.  We are calling all change-agents to attend.”


“What an amazing resource you have created.  I am constantly connecting with new events and people through this newsletter.  Thank you!  I’m wondering if you would be interested in running a section on “sustainable yoga in philadelphia” in your next email.  I direct a sliding scale yoga and healing arts center and will soon be opening a second studio in the Kensington/Fishtown area.  I would love to highlight the need for affordable healing arts services and the connection with the green economy and the recession.”  –Sean Jacobs, Hawthorne Yoga & Reiki, 1241 Carpenter Street
—[REPLY] Health is a recurring section of the News, and Hawthorne has been noted.  Holistic healing, relying more on healthy living, preventive attention, kindness, gentler therapy, and fewer pills, is a green jobs sector.


“Absolutely love your website! It gives me hope that there is a market for the green economy in Philadelphia. And I forward your newsletter to everyone I can think of.  Keep them coming!”  –Michael S. Di Tizio

“I love the Patch Adams Clinic slideshow and this is a GREAT idea! I just found out today that I passed my nursing boards. I am officially a registered nurse. If needed, I would love to help out with the clinic project. I am very interested in community work… let me know if there is anything I can help with.”  –Amber Reilly

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoy receiving these emails every month, nice job!”  –Tim Garrity, Licensed Realtor & Consultant

“I really appreciate the work you are doing to help Green our community and our city!”  –Denise Straiges Warkov

“Now is the time. Life for working folks in this city is already pretty tough– could you imagine a Philadelphia without libraries, firefighters, trash collection, or even basic after school activities for our children?
–”Could you imagine a city that serves only its billionaires, and taxes only its poor?  Could you imagine a city without livable jobs?  That’s the Philadelphia that CEO’s at big businesses like Comcast, Verizon, and Sunoco would love to make a reality.
—”Don’t let City Council forget that this is a city of people, not corporations. Let’s remind them what a fair city economy looks like: funding for city services, fair employment, and an end to tax breaks for millionaire and billionaire corporations.”  –Gwen Snyder, Jobs with Justice

“I just wanted to thank you for mentioning our company in our newsletter. I hope we have a chance to see each other again.”  —Michael Schweisheimer, Primitive World Productions

‘Thanks for the great newsletter you’ve been getting out, it is chock full of great stuff.”  –Diane Barker


Community Health Collaborative (memo: GJP)

140 W. Sedgwick St, Philadelphia PA 19119

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