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Green Jobs Philly NEWS #27

Thursday, February 10th, 2011




PENNSYLVANIA GREEN JOBS SURVEY estimates total statewide green employment of “183,029 across the six green core areas composed of the following: energy efficiency; resource sustainability/renewable energy; pollution prevention; education/training or compliance; environmental clean-up; and harmful emissions reduction.”

PHILLY BUYING POWER is a new program endorsed by the City of Philadelphia that aggregates demand from many businesses in order to get the best deal on electricity rates.  All businesses qualify and the program has had proven success in other cities.

Vacant lots will grow the green economy

Vacant lots will grow the green economy

ABANDONED CITYThe City of Philadelphia is the largest owner of abandoned properties in the city. The City Paper, working with and, will compile the first publicly accessible master list and interactive database of these properties and examine how they came to be owned by taxpayers and why they are not being sold or redeveloped.”  After this announcement, City of Philadelphia announced it would compile a master list of abandoned properties owned by the city.

PHILADELPHIANS FOR ETHICAL LEADERSHIP “MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN TO ANYONE WILLING TO MAKE A CHANGE: “Republican or Democrat, Tea Party or Independent; you are welcome to join with the following caveat: Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Rhetoric, arguments, and distractions are what the “machine” has used for years to keep us divided and stay in power regardless of how poor their performance has been. Our group represents the moderate, common sense thinker who wants common sense solutions and hard work to the problems facing the city. Join us, and let’s make our voice heard.”

YOUR TIME IS MONEY in Phoenixville



GOOD FOOD JOBS CSA INTERN WANTED.  JUST ONE SEED CSA in upper Bucks County, seeks 2 new interns for 2011 season. Part-time. Some horticultural background necessary. Work in trade for share and training.


YOUTH BEEKEEPING PROJECT is Philadelphia’s Community Supported Apiary, located in Woodlands Cemetery.


ROOFTOP FARMING in PHILADELPHIA by Phil Forsyth.  ”The potential for rooftop food production in cities is tremendous.  GIS data from PASDA reveals that there are 162,000 buildings in Philadelphia with a total rooftop area of over 16,000 acres.  According to Peleg Kremer, who is completing a dissertation on food production in the city, if even 0.5% of this area were adapted for food production, it would ‘exceed all the urban farms and community gardens currently in use.’”

EDIBLE PARKS Here’s how they do it in Wisconsin:

FOOD SYSTEMS DESIGN GROUP “We are passionate about building that new food system and believe that through edible ecological design, landscapes from homes to institutions can produce an abundance of delicious food while improving taste, ecosystem, and experience of place.” (978) 810-0548

MARATHON GRILL PLANTS AN URBAN FARM to serve farm-fresh food

ASPHALT TO ECOSYSTEMS: book  transforming typical, prison-like schoolyards into places full of wildlife and nature, living environments that improve our children’s health and education.“



ARETE MAGAZINE launches in Philadelphia to feature “Generosity as a Lifestyle.”  They tell the stories “of cause, change, culture & charity. We spot the trends, support the movements, and highlight the impact of Savvy Do Gooders.

from conservation to green jobs

from conservation to green jobs

Student Conservation Association Philly “provides hands on service opportunities both in parks nationwide and locally in Philadelphia. SCA opened a regional office in 2009 and has managed conservation crews of high school students in local Philadelphia parks for the last two summers.
—In 2011, SCA will pilot a school year conservation leadership program for up to 24 Philadelphia high school students and will continue to provide 50 students with summer jobs working on projects in area parks. SCA also places college-age interns with local agencies and non-profits to provide assistance on projects with a sustainability focus.

SERVEPhiladelphia is City’s new one-stop-shop for finding volunteer opportunities.  Register your organization:




in Tahrir Square

in Tahrir Square

Egyptian Muslims and Christians have united to demand the rights that Philadelphia raised 235 years ago.  They herald a worldwide revolution against corrupt authority that’s led by young people fed up with poverty and police.
—When any government tramples liberties and destroys hope, to protect the greed of an elite, it loses legitimacy.  Which brings us back to Philadelphia.  Green jobs and green investment are nonviolent alternatives to revolt which would otherwise consume even the rich.


2/12 GREEN ROOF WORKSHOP  ”The focus will be on the municipal labyrinth of zoning and code enforcement, and engineering realities of old buildings.”  N. Horticultural and Montgomery Drive, 9-11am. $10.00 fee.

2/12 FRUIT TREE TENDERS: a workshop on Pruning Fruit Trees, by PHS’ Tree Tenders and the Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP).   10am-1pm.   Starting at the John Street Community Center at 12th and Poplar streets (inside session) and continuing at Teens 4 good Farm at 8th and Poplar (hands on session).  RSVP to Christine Willeford Session limited to 30.

2/20 URBAN ORGANIC GARDENING WORKSHOP.  Mishkan Shalom, 4101 Freeland Ave, 2-3:30pm.  Sponsors: Neighborhood Interfaith Movement & Mishkan Shalom.  Registration required or 215-247-9169

2/23 PHILADELPHIA ORCHARD PROJECT (POP) HAPPY HOUR, 6:30-8:30pm, Yards Brewery, 901 N. Delaware Ave.  Featuring beer from Yards and food from Whole Foods Callowhill.

2/28 SERVSAFE® FOOD SAFETY TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION to satisfy the Philadelphia Department of Health requirement for Food Service Professionals.  $175.  Greensgrow Philadelphia Project.  8am-7pm.  Coral Street Arts House, 2446-68 Coral @ Hagert.  Deadline to Register 4pm Fri, Feb 11th.  This course requires 8 hours of home study, and 8 hours of in-class training on the test day.

3/6 METRO PHILLY PERMACULTURE DESIGN Certificate Course with the Eastern Pennsylvania Permaculture Guild!  ” Learn Urban, Farm and Eco-village Scale Permaculture Design with hands-on projects, myco/phytoremediation techniques for urban or coventional ag land, coppicing/pollarding techniques, ecological restoration theory and practice, organic and biodynamic farming, beekeeping basics, water harvesting (keyline design), keeping small livestock in the city or suburbs, edible forest gardening, vermiculture, aquaponics, appropriate technology, natural building techniques, financial and social permaculture and more!”  Fees on a Sliding scale.


“My friend has forwarded an e-mail about the green jobs in Philly.  I am really interested in keeping up to date with jobs and projects in Philadelphia since I work at Temple University Computer Recycling Center.”  –Fady Isleem

“Philadelphia City Council just adopted a resolution calling for the Delaware River Basin Commission to maintain its shale gas drilling moratorium; to extend the March 16th DRBC deadline on public comment on fracking in our watershed, and to hold a Philadelphia public hearing on the issue.  That’s positive news you should print!  Irreversible damage will result if we don’t keep that moratorium in place.
—Health and environmental impacts of shale gas drilling deserve more serious coverage.  Shale gas drillers illegally injected tens of millions of gallons of diesel underground for years.  Health impacts from shale gas drilling are increasing. The EPA says that methane leaks from shale gas operations are 9,000 times greater than they’d estimated, poisoning our climate.
—Instead of putting down the few leaders we have who are actually standing up for our watershed and public health, provoke more leaders to do the same…and quickly.  We can and must build a renewable energy economy with safe jobs that do not poison our water, air and climate.”
—“I recommend sending letters to Send your letter to and –I. M.B.

“In the middle of next month, Metropolitan Career Center, a grantee of a federal Pathways out of Poverty grant intended to prepare individuals for jobs in the new green economy, will be graduating 30 students from a 12 week green jobs program that introduced them to weatherization, energy auditing, green roofing and basic construction techniques. Now our challenge is to find them employment placements that can help them use and build upon their skills. Your help, and those in your network, in identifying and sharing job opportunities no matter how modest or seemingly unrelated will be most appreciated.”  –Jim Wallerstein, Metropolitan Career Center

Do you know recycling resources, or can you help me brainstorm how to improve recycling efforts on our campus, from the resident/consumer standpoint?  The facility has a recycling contract.  The fact is, we the residents could practice better recycling, and I’m looking for ways to educate and motivate us to do so.  I am not authorized by the facility owner or management, I am only seeking suggestions to present as resident activities.
—”I think if we could do something separate with newspapers, aluminum cans and plastic water bottles we would make a good dent in the matter and still have plenty left over for the contract one-stream recycling  pick-up.  Perhaps you know someplace that uses used newspaper and would pick it up?  Ditto aluminum cans, ditto plastic water bottles?
—”I’ll check with Boy Scouts to see if they want aluminum cans, for example.  Any ideas?  Thanks for the regular issues of Green Jobs Philly.”  –RY
—[REPLY]  You are seeking local upcycling alternatives to single-stream recycling.  These materials should already be recycled via the City.
—For recycled newspapers, for example, I’m proposing the Philadelphia Insulation Factory (PIF), which would manufacture cellulose insulation.  Would lower our heating costs while creating jobs manufacturing and installing.
—The best way to recycle plastic bottles, of course, is to not purchase them.  And that’s an important part of an educational campaign, like “The Story of Bottled Water”   Some colleges ban them.