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Green Jobs Philly NEWS #29

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

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Green Jobs lead the field

Green Jobs lead the field




HIRE EACH OTHER by starting new businesses.

Lower your costs of living by starting mutual aid organizations

This is the finest job-finding book I’ve read.  Yusuf Wilson, our neighbor in Delaware, covers all the bases with fewest and best words.  He explains how to network– that it’s who-you-know.  He then dedicates nearly half the book to green jobs,mm where most new jobs are emerging.
—He is also clear that the Great Recession has led to a jobless recovery.  So he teaches the reader how to hustle.  He prepares you to step to the front of the line.
–Even more than hustle is needed when Wall Street does not produce enough jobs, particularly for black men, seniors and discouraged workers.  We need to explore beyond the for-profit sector into the for-people sector.  Mutual aid programs and worker-owned co-ops directly reduce living costs, while employing all neighbors.  For this, check my book Green Jobs Philly.

PHILADELPHIA STARTUPDIGEST emails “the best startup events, job opportunities, and educational content.”

GREEN LIMBS new green blog

IT’S WHO YOU KNOW: A NATURAL AFFINITY “new Dating & Social networking site for folks in the Greater Delaware Valley who are interested in health & wellness, personal growth, sustainability, community, arts & culture.”


GREEN JOBS INNOVATION FUND by U.S. Department of Labor supports job training in green industry sectors. DOL will award $40 million to support five to eight grantees.  Eligible applicants include national and statewide organizations with local affiliates that have existing career training programs.

START A REGIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE Hawaii is considering enabling legislation for regional stock exchanges.

WACHOVIA BANK WAS PRIMARY MONEY-LAUNDERER FOR MEXICAN COCAINE CARTELS.  They paid $160 million fine for transfering $378 billion drug profit.  According to the Guardian of London Wachovia providing three services to 22 CDCs in Mexico: wire transfers, a “bulk cash service” and a “pouch deposit service”, to accept “deposit items drawn on US banks, eg cheques and traveller’s cheques.” Wachovia is now owned by Wells Fargo.

MOVE YOUR MONEY into locally-owned banks




CAMPAIGN TO TAKE BACK VACANT LAND demands that City Council establish a Land Bank to clean vacant lots and transfer them to Community Land Trusts. 267 746-1373   Marcus Presley and Nashanta Robinson 267 233-8761


UNITED SLUDGE-FREE ALLIANCE of Kutztown opposes spreading sewage sludge on farmland because it contains toxic heavy metals.


PRIORITY FOODS COOP in Wister neighborhood opens Early Spring at 5245 Germantown Avenue


PHILADELPHIA URBAN FARM NETWORK moves from listserve toward organization: “We want to begin constructing a guide to navigating the city for land access. The creation of Marathon Farm has opened up an amazing dialogue with the Mayor, Councilman Clark and Public Property. We are hoping to meet with Mayor Nutter to discuss Land Access in the coming weeks and I hope to deliver good news at the Soil Kitchen and a start for a guide to land access.”
—Gathering at Soil Kitchen featured “discussion on ideas for creating more connections and collaboration between active urban farms/community gardens and support of less active or unsupported gardeners in the city (will be contacting FORC for more on this agenda item).”

HAZARD FOR REGIONAL AGRICULTURE: TEN MOST DANGEROUS NUCLEAR REACTORS include 3 near Philadelphia. Limerick (21 miles northwest of Philadelphia) and 8. Peach Bottom (17.9 miles south of Lancaster, PA)
RADIOACTIVE IODINE IN PHILADELPHIA WATER AND RAINWATER (3300% above federal drinking water standard). BOTTLED WATER IS NOT A SOLUTION since most is tapwater that is less regulated than tap water.




4/21 AGRICULTURE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Modern agriculture techniques have given us unprecedented amounts of food. However critics note the large amounts of water, energy, and chemicals required for these yields have uncertain impacts on long-term soil fertility and the health of both humans and the environment.  Some growers are working to address these issues by practicing cutting-edge techniques that incorporate ecological principles. Join us as local experts discuss organic and sustainable agriculture, the comprehensive technique known as permaculture, and growing trends in agriculture. Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, 6pm.


4/26 CHEMICAL FREE GARDENING with Mike McGrath, Valley Green Inn, 6:30pm, Mike McGrath is host of the weekly, nationally syndicated Public Radio show You Bet Your Garden, which airs every Saturday morning on WHYY-FM (90.9) in Philadelphia.

4/27  ROXBOROUGH HS ORCHARD PLANTING, 3pm, 6498 Ridge Ave “Help students from Roxborough High School in mulching and planting their new courtyard berry garden!”  Please RSVP

4/28 HARVESTING RAINWATER FROM URBAN STRUCTURES: EARTHSHIPS OFFER SOLUTIONS, Methodist Home For Children, 4300 Monument Rd.  7-9pm.  $10 if registering online, $15 at the door

4/28 GREENFIELD ORCHARD PLANTING 1:30pm, 23rd & Sansom “Help students of Greenfield with a small planting of asparagus and strawberries in their little edible forest garden.  Please RSVP

4/30 HAPPY HOLLOW ORCHARD PLANTING 10am, Happy Hollow Rec Center, 4800 Wayne Ave, RAINDATE: Sunday, 5/1 @ 1pm. Please RSVP

SEEDS FOR LEARNING ORCHARD PREP, 1pm, Awbury Park, E. Haines & Crittendon ”Lend a hand with the student farmers of the Seeds for Learning program at MLK High School. We’ll be spreading a mountain of mulch and compost in preparation for a new orchard.”  Please Please RSVP RAINDATE: Sunday, 5/1 @ 1pm.

5/2 GREENING YOUR OFFICE 101 , 2446 Coral St, noon-2pm.

5/3 SEEDS FOR LEARNING ORCHARD PLANTING 4pm, Awbury Park, E. Haines & Crittendon, “Help plant a new orchard with the student farmers of the Seeds for Learning program at MLK High School.”  Please RSVP RAINDATE: Thursday, 5/5 @ 4pm.

5/7 NATIONAL TRAIN DAY, 30th Street Station, 11am-4pm
The Great Migration: This keynote exhibition tells how railroads played a part as African Americans moved from the south in the early 20th century.  Equipment Tours: Acela Express, sleeping car bedroom.  Dining the Rail Way: live cooking demonstrations and sample.  High-speed Rail Display.  Memorabilia and Model Train Displays.  AmtraKids Depot: Magicians, crafts, games, and gifts for young passengers.

5/7-10 REFUGEE URBAN FARM PROJECT WORK DAYS.  Main Lot at 732 Emily St . But  also other vacant lots around the neighborhood.  Adam Forbes 609-577-1471

5/15 WALNUT HILL ORCHARD PLANTING 1pm, 4610 Market St.  “Join in with a new orchard planting at Walnut Hill Community Farm, an exciting collaboration between Philly Rooted, the Enterprise Center, UC Green, and POP!”  Please RSVP RAINDATE: Sunday, 4/22 @ 1pm.

5/22 RAISE THE VIBRATION FESTIVAL. “Non-profits, groups, small businesses, artists and musicians who work to make Philadelphia a better place will come together to provide a day of celebration, education, and unity on the common ground of social consciousness & positivity. We invite your participation.”  Independence Mall Lawn
—”Over the last few years there has been an enormous build up momentum in organizations, groups, communities, and projects that have emerged, ranging from Humanity, Sustainability, Education, Spirituality, Consciousness, Art Communities, Musicians, and social activist efforts. Our vision is providing an open free environment for you, whether you are a group (or representing one), project or solo individual to expose yourselves to the wide open public and build relations with other existing groups that share the same spirit. This is a mutual environment where we invite groups / projects (big or small), relevant Local businesses, as well as Individual entrepreneurs/practitioners to mutually collaborate before the event or show up on the day of.”


“I read the latest Green Jobs Philly News, it was full of information. I even registered for the Brownfields Conference next month. THANK YOU!! I am reaching out to you for possible assistance or lead on planning an impromptu event to host a discussion on Fair Trade and the Chocolate Industry at my place of employment. Brief background: While working in Financial Aid, I established an environmental club, titled Go Green at Mercer County Community College in 2009 and currently serve as the advisor for the club.
—”I’m in the middle of planning some events with the members for Earth Month and week; and one event I would like to present is showing the film: The Dark Side of Chocolate with a panel discussion afterwards.
—”Do you happen to know of anyone who can be a panelist or are you interested?  The tentative date is, Thursday April 21 at 6pm. Secondly, I wouldn’t mind even hosting a speaker for other environmental topics during the week.  Any advice is appreciated also.”  –Bilquis Zaka
—[REPLY]  Within our region there is a small army of fair trade chocolatiers, many of whom would be glad to be on a panel.  Here’s a sampler:  See also Ten Thousand Villages.  Media PA is officially a fair trade town.  Fair Trade Resource Network, Philadelphia Mugshots coffee uses fair trade chocolate as does Betty’s Speakeasy and  Vegan LoveBars and B.T. Bakery in Lansdowne

“I thought this link on thermal solar power might be of interest, and perhaps you would like to include it in your next Philly Green News.”  –Caryl Johnston

“I am putting together a Sub-Urban Homestead Sampler program and I am looking to connect with people who are knowledgeable or involved in the following activities on a small scale (home-scale) basis. The ideal connections are people who are actually doing these things at home in an urban or suburban setting in the Philly metro area, such as aquaculture (fish and greens system), mushroom growing, residential water/rain catchment, residential solar systems, residential green roof/garden roof, earth oven, medicinal herbs.”  –Sarah Gabriel

“I work for a recycling company in Philadelphia that focuses on construction and demolition waste.  I am interested in hiring an intern in the near future once I solidify the right timing for us.  I was hoping you would send me some more information pertaining to your internship program and how I can list a position when the time is right.”  –Keyur Shah, LEED AP 215 333 6505.
–[REPLY]  Thanks for your offer.  At this time our greater needs are for website design, CAD design,

“I got sheriff sale notices today after I spoke with you. I dont know why im trying and they have to ruin my day. I got sidtracked from looking for a job. Now I really got to get a job. Thanx for putting my resume on your site. I think i will try and go to the functions you mentioned and if you know anybody else that will hire me.  –LMK thanks BRuce

“We spoke a few months ago about the clinic in Philadelphia. I am sending you a few photos of a tiny home on wheels that I made and of which I am looking for a place to call “home” for this tiny unit  in the vicinity of Philadelphia. (Check out Dee Williams tiny home or Jay Schafer’s tumbleweed homes).  I designed and built the tiny home for many reasons, one being a belief in living simpler.  So I thought you might be a good community contact for me to get the word out.
—I am wanting to be within 20-30 minutes from south jersey/ Phila. area, in a private area (i.e. out of public view, in someone’s yard that has some land and high fencing for privacy and where I can garden with grey water collection from the hut). I am happy to pay a small rent  to park it and access to electrical hook up.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, please do let me know. I am a Buddhist nun, a  grandmom. I spend a lot of time in retreat and study.  I am also a retired psychologist and obviously I am involved in alternative living situations.”  –Lisa
—[REPLY]  I’d recommend making a poster and putting it up at Weaver’s Way co-op, in Mt Airy and in Chestnut Hill.  Specify whether you’d be willing to help do yard work, housesit, babysit, etc.
—The clinic was ready to announce 8 months ago but I’ve waited until our public website is ready. Help welcome.

“I just happened to read the interview with you on Reality Sandwich.  I went to Wharton at UPenn– had some truly wonderful years around West Philly–  and I’m stoked to hear about all the fresh ideas you are putting into play there.  Definitely wishing you continued success.”  –James