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Green Jobs Philly NEWS #30

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

photo by Glover

Kelly Drive, photo by Glover

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GREEN TRAINING INDEX is an online catalogue of all green job training programs serving the Southeastern Pennsylvania region.  It will be a great resource for potential students, business, and employees.  Currently, we have over 60 programs from various training providers that span from Community Based Organizations, Non-Profit, Apprenticeship, and even 4-year Universities.  Please contact if you have questions or would like to post your free profile.

ENERGY COORDINATING AGENCY and PCC GREEN TRAINING CATALOG Energy auditing, weatherization, insulating, lead safety, retrofit, customer service.  Each course 1-5 days.





TRANSITION PHILADELPHIA is a movement of people making their communities more resilient in the face of peak oil, climate change and plain old economic hard times.

NEW SCHUYLKILL BANKS WEBSITE includes interactive map.  New composting toilet south of Walnut Street.

Route 15

Route 15

SEPTA 2012 PROPOSED BUDGET shows biggest single items are $330 million for 120 new Silverliner cars, renovating City Hall station (Suburban) for $100 million.  Repaying bankers for loans: $53 million.  Wayne Junction $34 million federally-funded. Total capital funding through 2013: $8,647,441,000

LOCALLY-MADE RAIN BARRELS by ECA “Rain up to an inch can produce 600 gallons of water from a 1000 square foot roof. This water normally flows into storm sewers, creating combined sewer overflows (CSOs). These CSOs cause raw sewage and other pollutants to flow into our water ways. Rain barrels can capture and store water for uses like watering grass or plants or washing your porch.”  Save 55 gallons per rain event.  $45-$200 (prices vary depending on gallon capacity and design)

• Creates green jobs - barrrels made in Philadelphia contribute to our community and increase employment in the expanding green jobs sector.

STREETS THAT DRINK WATER: 19,654 acres of paved street here can be repaved with porous surfaces, preventing puddles and ice, and reduving basement flooding.  FIRST POROUS STREET is 800 S. Percy St.


STREETS THAT GROW FOOD in CARFREE PHILADELPHIA: saves money, gas, taxes, health.

STREETS THAT GROW BICYCLES AND CLEAN AIR  Streetfilms show street designs that “strike a better balance by providing more space for walking, biking, and transit.”


DEVELOPERS WHO EAT GARDENS: Garden of the Arts (Broad and South) threatened is moving forward quicky with an unwanted development scheme for this parcel, for another luxury condo with empty shops that ignores the Avenue of the Arts. FOTGA and the surrounding community is advocating strongly for a theatrical or artistic venue on Broad street with affordable housing above and a significant green space attached, with a heavy environmental ed component.”

CAMPAIGN TO TAKE BACK VACANT LAND “A City-Community partnership to transform blight into jobs, homes and parks.”  Inquirer story and video
ADVERSE POSSESSION LAW can put pressure on absentee owners to step up or step out.  The time is 20 years in PA, but there’s law pending to reduce that.

PHILLYTREEMAP.ORG enables the public to collaboratively map and inventory Philadelphia’s urban forest.  Add and edit information to the current database of 175,000 trees

UC GREENS ORCHARD partnering with Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP) to plant EDIBLE STREET TREES:

Better uses for tires: planters, housing at Emerald St Urban Farm.


COMPOST COOP, a new community composting facility in the heart of Fishtown.   At Garden Center (Frankford and Berks)


ADDRESSING CRITICAL ISSUES AMONG BLACK MALES IN PHILADELPHIA more than 50% of Philadelphia’s black males are unemployed.  by Father’s Day Rally Committee addresses !”  Rampant Joblessness and the need for Economic Development, Educational Depravation and Decline (48% dropout rate), Violence and the Impact of Gun Availability and Homicide (2400 Black Murders between 2000-2009), Ex-Offender Issues and the Disproportionate Impact on Black Males (approx 65% of all ex-offenders), The Erosion of the Black Family.

GREEN JOBS PHILLY BOOK shows paths out of poverty that rely on local talent more than formal capital.


THE JUNTO, REVIVED, based on Ben Franklin’s discussion group, talks sustainability.


ALL-WOMEN PAINTING is “Eco-Friendly, Woman-owned Business based in Philadelphia.  We use only No VOC paints and non-toxic materials.  Most paints emit toxic gas for months or even years after the paint has dried.”

PHILLY WATCHDOG: ANTI-CORRUPTIONS IPHONE APP Corruption diverts wealth from the free market to the feed trough.

PHILADELPHIA IS AMERICA’S MOST TOXIC CITY according to Forbes magazine.  They cite the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines toxic substances as “chemicals or compounds that may present an unreasonable threat to human health and the environment.” In terms of toxicity, the EPA’s goal is to “identify and reduce the risks from toxic substances,” collecting a plethora of toxicity-related data as it relates to land, water and air.  Local blog says it ain’t so.


5/16  FARM FOR THE FUTURE : A PERMACULTURE FILM AND SKILLSHARE EVENT “Learn how Permaculture is working with nature to grow food while building soil, supporting habitats, and reducing oil dependence.  After the film, learn how to garden in the city the Permaculture way with a skillshare on sheet mulching and planting polycultures, guilds, and perennials.”  Potluck at 6:30pm, film at 7pm.  South Philadelphia Older Adult Center, 1430 E. Passyunk Ave.

5/18 NATURAL FABRIC DYES SKILLSHARE· “Natural dyes have been used throughout history and the first written record of natural dyeing is thought to date back to around 4,500 years ago in ancient China. Natural dyes were used exclusively right up until 1856. This skillshare will go through the step by step process of dying fabric using natural dyes. Where to collect and how to use various natural dyes, the equipment needed to dye fabrics at home and any other questions people may have about natural dyes.”  7-9pm, Wooden Shoe Books and Records, 704 South St.

5/19 WE ARE OUR WATER: HOW TO PROTECT OUR HEALTH, COMMUNITIES, AND POCKETBOOKS BY USING WATER WISELY “Not managing water wisely can have grave public health consequences, cause havoc in our homes, and affect the bottom line of businesses and consumers alike.  Join representatives from the Philadelphia Water Department, major builder owners and operators, and community groups to find out how Philadelphia is leading the way on water, and what you can do to help.”  Waterworks, 6-6:30pm. Reception, 6:30 Program.  Register:

5/21 2000 TRENTON AVENUE ARTS FESTIVAL, 2000 block of Trenton Avenue (b/w Norris & Dauphin) and KINETIC KENSINGTON SCULPTURE DERBY

5/22 RAISE THE VIBRATION DAY 2011 will take place on Independence Mall lawn on May 22nd, 2011 starting at 2pm. “a gift of love to the city of Philadelphia. A celebration of all various cultures, groups, and individuals to synergize goals, aspirations, education, and social consciousness. We believe in the power of connections, that there is strength in unity, and that by coming together as one we can work towards becoming the change we wish to see in our world.  Live music, workshops, education.

5/23  LOCAL FOOD - SAFE FOOD:  BRINGING IT TO MARKET: “Many people support the idea of purchasing local, sustainably grown food, but the current system for distributing and regulating food production makes it difficult for local growers to get their products out to the public.  Safety regulations, in particular, are designed to protect the public from issues in large-scale industrial food production, and in many cases do not address the issues of local, sustainable food.” Program seeks “to increase availability of local food while still ensuring consumer safety.”

5/23-27  PHOTOVOLTAIC DESIGN AND INSTALLATION CLASSES.  Solar Thermal and Solar PV Design & Installation classes, $3700.  “You will perform 4 live installations.”  Ivan 215-464-6460

5/24 REVOLUTION RECOVERY TOUR: MAKING CONSTRUCTION WASTE MANAGEMENT WORK FOR YOUR COMPANY AND/OR MUNICIPALITY Tour and panel discussion at Revolution Recovery, “Philadelphia’s premier construction waste recyclers.”  Panel of developers, builders, contractors and municipalities5-7:30pm.  Revolution Recovery, 7333 Milnor St.

5/31 SPIRAL Q OPEN HOUSE OPEN HOUSE “Fresh paint, fresh faces, fresh spaces… Activists, artists, students, families.”  Puppet collection has doubled and so has  warehouse: “7,000 square feet of inspiration, art and activism.”  215.222.6979

6/5 HIGH POINT SUNDAY MARKET celebrates Local Crafts and Urban Farmers every Sunday, 10am - 4pm through October. Outside High Point Café at Allens Lane Train Station, R8 Chestnut Hill West.  Music Concerts first Sunday of month.

6/10 JOBS FOR PENNSYLVANIA’S GRADUATES FRIENDRAISER GALA  “Investing in Pennsylvania’s Youth for a Prosperous Future”  The African American Museum, 7th & Arch St.  6-10pm.  Open Buffet , Cocktails, & Dancing – Business/Semi-Formal Attire.  Tickets:  $65 (in advance) or $75 at door.  RSVP for Tickets at or  Carlene Gregory 215-854-6359

6/13 PARK(ING) DAY 2011 organizing meeting, Center for Architecture, 1216 Arch St, 5:30pm Listserve

6/18 LOCAL CURRENCY BREAKFAST AT WHITE DOG CAFE. Paul Glover, founder of Ithaca Hours will discuss “local currencies throughout the U.S. and how local cash is both legal and smart, a safe bet against the ‘funny money’ now being printed by the Feds.”  Breakfast $15 at 10:30am.

MODE SHIFT: PHILADELPHIA’S TWO-WHEELED REVOLUTION report shows Philadelphia has, “per capita, twice as many bicycle commuters as any other big city in the US.”  Center City and South Philly have among highest rates in nation, thanks to bike lanes.

6/26  THE ENVIRONMENT RIDE: SUSQUEHANNA TO SCHUYLKILL RIVERS has been extremely well-received.  Individuals committed to enhancing Pennsylvania’s environment will demonstrate their commitment by riding 160 miles from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania to the Fairmount Waterworks in Philadelphia.  To date, more than $7,000 has already been raised in support of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council’s trail and greenway development work.  Start in Downingtown, end at the Fairmount Waterworks in Philadelphia– 50 miles.  Picnic lunch scheduled in Valley Forge National Historical Park.  Closing ceremony at Fairmount Waterworks.



“I’m a fellow Philadelphian, living in Bella Vista, and I’m hoping I can participate in a local economy via a local currency.  Are there any in my neighborhood or nearby?”  –Christopher Yasiejko
—[REPLY] PANADELPHIA has been interested in promoting.  They’re in South St neighborhood.  Contact Natalie Felix

“How can I donate $ to the cause? esp. since I’m not living in the area right now.” –Andrew Miller
—[REPLY]  Donations to Green Jobs Philly are tax-deductible when made to:  Community Health Collaborative, 431 W. Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144 Donations also accepted via Paypal to this address Thanks!

RE: Vacant lots story in Philadelphia City Paper:
— “I have been counting vacant parcels and Blight for over 40 years, many years before I started selling Real Estate.  Let’s see: You have got the vacant parcels of my childhood in Strawberry Mansion, as a result of the so called Model Cities program. Some vacant Parcels are over 50 years old and no development has been planned.  When developments are planned, they are not implemented.  Vacant parcels and whole blocks are available.  Add to that bunch the L& I demolition over the past 40 years, throughout  urban  low income areas  where  “Model Cities “Condemnation, suppressed values  and Eminent Domain  has been declared.  Ongoing from 1950 - 1990’s . All and only the areas of the city  that could get a condemnation certification. (Check with City Planning)
—”Add the PHA vacancy scam , RDA, PHDC, City of Philadelphia (public property ) ,Vacant Properties Review Committee, Sheriff Sales, ongoing over many years, with many scam $$$ to move it along.
—”Then we  have “The Select Committee on Land Management and Reuse,” 1998.  Next comes Mayor John Street, former Councilman of the 5th District where the ‘Model Cities’ started . He introduced the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, $380 Million in the name of demolition. Had we not pushed back there’d be even more vacant parcels.
—”Surely with all of these efforts over all of these many years , someone was keeping count of what  being demolished to create the Vacant Parcels.  I was!  That is why I invite you to come take a tour and I will provide for you a full count of vacant parcels every where.  Please do not believe anyone who tells you that they do not know how many vacant parcels there are . They may not want to face the facts.
—”All of the folks(officials past & Present )  who claim to not know the count are disingenuous!   How about all of the ‘vacant land studies? I have copies.  Surely the PHS Land care program would have a count of what is being maintained. Along with the Managing Director’s office.
—”In order to deal with this issue and really get a true count ,racism, gentrification and other funky issues will have to be confronted.  With Philadelphia’s large African-American population, where are the African-American developers?  Or input from African-American professionals?  All that has to happen is for black folks to request to purchase vacant parcels, or to request a large parcel like 27th &  Master, where Marathon Grill Foundation is setting up  an agricultural enterprise.
—”Some smart person said charity starts at home, so I agree the City and all of the agencies should set a good example. Please, let us start  now to create a transparent disposition program, using fair and clear criteria.  Without the racist, back door, political conditions. Let’s start with PHA and City agencies that have been a blight to where I reside for over fifty years.  –Judith Robinson, Real Estate Professional /Broker


DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE when made to Community Health Collaborative, 431 W. Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, PA. 19144. See also Paypal at top right.  Thanks!