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Archive for February, 2012

Green Jobs Philly NEWS #35 and CRIME!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

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PHILADELPHIA LAND BANK NEWS from Plan Philly.  The Philadelphia Land Bank will coordinate with the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority and other City agencies regarding vacant properties and blight.. As a result, a “Front-Door,” or single point of entry, will better coordinate a disjointed process.  –Jennifer Kates
FIXITPHILLY seeks to streamline development review and bring vacant land back into production.

OCCUPY VACANT LOTS is “working to create a future Philadelphia where every vacant lot is a free food-producing space, community orchard/food forest, community park, beautiful flower garden, or some variation thereof. Access to fresh, free food will take us to the next step of self-sufficiency & break us from the cycle of dependency we have on the government & fossil fuel-guzzling corporate food system. We partner with community organizations, resident activists, children, religious & educational institutions…”

OPPORTUNITY FOR BLACK MEN AND BOYS: “Public Opinion, Media Depictions, and Media Consumption.”  A literature review on the impact of media representations, an analysis of public opinion research, and an analysis of black men’s media consumption.”



Mayor Nutter could double the cops and double the frisks, curfews, courts, and jails, converting Philadelphia into a police state, but crime will smash through.  When hundreds of thousands of Philadelphians– especially young men– can’t get respect or money through work, to honorably feed families or impress girlfriends, then they will lash out.  And they should, but at those whose greed keeps them down.
—Here are crimefighting alternatives that actually prevent murder , burglary, drug sales and riot.  They cost less money and blood.

1.  CONNECT EVERY KID AND EX-CON TO PROGRAMS that keep them busy fixing this city. We urgently need a million hands to retrofit, plant, harvest, clean, beautify, manufacture, network, heal and teach. Thousands of terrific current projects need to be multiplied by ten.  Poverty-stricken Philadelphians (25% of us) can’t wait for token middle class corporate jobs. That’s fighting a battle with a toothpick.

2.  FINANCE THE ABOVE. To coordinate and fund these we need a nongovernmental, nonprofit WPA.  Let’s call it the Green Labor Administration (GLAD).  It manages a regional stock exchange.  GLAD also organizes an import replacement program and barter system.  Meanwhile the City collects overdue property taxes from commercial and absentee owners.  Realtors pay a voluntary tithe on commissions.  We print our our own money and back it with City properties, food, housing, goods, services, tax credits, college credits.
3.  TEACH REAL SKILLS. Shelve dull curriculums– the city is the school.  Make youth proud by making them immediately useful, then reward them with community credits and credentials.  Prepare young people to serve community needs rather than corporate needs.
4.  LIBERATE THE LAND.  The proposed Land Bank would streamline transfer of vacant lots.  Priority should go to urban agriculture, neighborhood industry, and energy-efficient low-cost housing.  End cronyism.
5.  PLANT THE LAND.  Trees cool the city and its temper.  Gardening reduces idleness.  Healthy food grows healthier minds.  Plant flowers everywhere.
6.  DIVERT YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS TO PEER-JURY COURTS These have proven more effective than trials by adults.  Show teens respect: require cops to have college degrees.  Expand restorative justice programs, such as a Mural Arts.
7.  TELL THE GOOD NEWSGrid magazine celebrates what’s great and growing here.  Green Jobs Philly News has been proving how creative Philadelphia is since 2008 (donations are tax-deductible).  Media need to quit chasing stupidity.  Cynicism feeds decline.
8.  BE HEROES.  Armchair soldiers cheer real soldiers (hey thanks for serving, sorry about your leg, here’s a medal) but won’t risk visiting rough neighborhoods to fix their own city.  Safer to stay home and gripe. There are  hundreds of wonderful Philadelphia programs welcoming help (see back issues of Green Jobs Philly News).


WALL STREET BEGAN IN PHILADELPHIA.  First U.S. stock exchange located at City Tavern, at the corner of Second and Walnut Streets, now located at 19th & Market. OR 1411 Walnut Street and owned by Nasdaq, whose main investors include Bank of America, Microsoft, GE, Pfizer, Comcast, etc.


PENNSYLVANIA CONSTITUTION PROVIDES FOR EXTINGUISHING CORPORATIONS “All charters of private corporations and all present and future common or statutory law with respect to the formation or regulation of private corporations or prescribing powers, rights, duties or liabilities of private corporations or their officers, directors or shareholders may be revoked, amended or repealed.” Article X section 3.



COMMON MARKET FOOD HUB DELIVERS FRESH LOCAL FOOD TO THE POOR “Costs remain low because less transportation and storage is needed to get the food to the community while it’s still fresh.  By linking producers to communities, food hubs create a win-win arrangement where communities are getting greater access to healthy fresh food, and farmers are gaining entry to new markets that would be difficult or impossible to access on their own.”

FOOD FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE!  “Let’s take our city, our health, & our global future in our hands! Rise up together!”  Facebook —   occupyvacantlots@gmail.comlistserv – recent press &  occupy-phillys-urban-renewal-project-philadelphia

GENETICALLY ENGINEERED (GM) FRUIT has a five-numeral PLU prefaced by the number 8. For example: conventionally grown banana would be: 4011;  organic banana would be: 94011; genetically engineered (GE or GMO) banana would be: 84011

SNACKIN’ FRESH promotes healthy eating among youngsters.  A project of the Food Trust


DIRECTCONGRESS ENABLES US ALL TO BE LAWMAKERS: another Philadelphia revolution. This platform “excites Occupy and Tea Party enthusiasts alike.  We the People can direct our Congress by creating the best laws possible, and supporting candidates for office who contractually agree to only vote the way registered citizens vote online.”

KEYSTONE ENERGY EFFICIENCY ALLIANCE is a trade association dedicated to promoting energy efficiency throughout Pennsylvania.  Offers discounts on select energy efficiency products and materials, including auditing equipment, building envelope products, renewable energy systems, appliances, windows, and lighting. AVOIDS THE GOOGLE RUT.  Google shapes your search results according to prior searches, so search results are increasingly narrowed.  Duckduckgo provides a fresh unbiased big picture each search, opening new doors.

BOOK REVIEW: LEVERAGE : STRENGTHENING COMMUNITIES THROUGH DESIGN “In 2011 the Community Design Collaborative celebrated two decades of providing pro bono design services to nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia and the region. Leverage showcases the approach and success of this groundbreaking community design center.”




2/12 MICROCRISIS play by InterAct Theatre is fast, funny, sexy, educational expose of  Wall Street greed.  Conversation follows, about local currency.


2/16 EQUITABLE STRATEGIES FOR GROWING URBAN AGRICULTURE Webinar, 2-3pm.  ”A vibrant movement is afoot in cities across the country − farmers, activists, and community organizations are improving the health, economic outlook, and vitality of their communities through urban farming. Advocates are illustrating that urban agriculture is a pathway to making healthy food more available for low-income communities, a key to shifting economic revitalization efforts, and catalytic for battling the challenges of blight and abandonment.”

2/23 REIMAGINING URBAN HIGHWAYS Explore how cities should change highways to meet 21st-century needs and contemporary urban lifestyles. 6:30pm at Academy of Natural Sciences

2/23 GRID ALIVE panel and music by Grid magazine.  Trinity Memorial Church, 22nd & Spruce.  $5.00

2/24 PHENND Conference features Food Justice Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.  This year’s theme will be “” and will feature workshops from faculty, administrators, students, and community partners from around the region. Registration


3/1  URBAN LAND INSTITUTE PHILADELPHIA: Let’s Dare to Dream (and Evaluate) 8:15am -10:30am. The Union League, 140 South Broad Street.  “The landscape of our region today is the result of visionaries from William Penn to Bill Rouse. What are the future land use game changers with the power to transform, create jobs, and grow our economy?”  REGISTER

3/10  HOLISTIC ORCHARD TRAINING with Michael Phillips at Bartram’s Garden, 5400 Lindbergh Blvd, 9am-3pm.  $50 for general public, $40 for POP partners & volunteers, Bartram’s members.  REGISTRATION REQUIRED:

4/3-4 GOOD JOBS GREEN JOBS CONFERENCE features more than 40 workshops covering: Investments and New Markets, Clean Energy Manufacturing, Emerging Green Sectors, Infrastructure and Cleaner, More Efficient Transportation, Regional, State and Local Initiatives and Partnerships, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Responsible Investment and Workers’ Capital, Workforce and Economic Development, Youth, Education and Green Schools - Building a Clean Energy Movement

4/6-8 EARTHSHIP SEMINAR at the Penn Museum.  led by Earthship creator Michael Reynolds  $300; Students $200 with ID.

4/20  Amtrak Environmental Fair at 30th Street Station.  To display:


“I need a job.”  –Laa Barbie
—[REPLY]  Check out current and back issues of Green Jobs Philly News to get oriented to the local green job scene, then attend some of the events to meet entrepreneurs.  That puts you at the front of the line.

“Just reading the headlines on this edition makes me a little homesick. I really like what you’ve done here. This edition is packed. Hope to bring some of what you’ve done in Philly to South Florida. Sharing archives might just be a good point to share with some like-minded people - surely I will find them here. I’ll keep you posted.”  –Debora Shapiro
—[REPLY] Thanks for encouragement.  Archives from 2008 to present are at

“I have appreciated your writing on social democracy, and I thought this might be of interest. America needs a fearless, aggressive Social Democrat as our next President.  We need someone who will say to the privileged –as did FDR in 1936– ’Their hatred is unanimous for me, and I welcome their hatred.’  The next President should be Bernie Sanders, current senator from Vermont.  During his first One Hundred Days he should create a NEW WPA .
—”Here’s how it will work: Non-profits will submit work projects to a central federal agency.  All proposals must be approved or modified in thirty days. Funding will begin immediately upon approval. Non-profits will supervise the work, and be paid to do so.  Unemployment offices will be converted to employment offices, to match workers with jobs in the program.  The goal is to create four million jobs in the first twelve months. No money will go to federal agencies.  No money will go to state governments.  No money will go as ‘incentives’ to private companies or contractors.
—”Typical jobs in the new WPA will include: Home care for the elderly, Teaching adult education, Disaster relief, Community beautification, plus staffing for national parks, Art, Theater, Music, and Writing projects, plus staffing for libraries, Pest and invasive species control, Blood pressure screening, Sheltered workshops, Home weatherization, flood control, and soil erosion work.  Relatively little funding will be for traditional ‘infrastructure.’ Such projects take too long to start, and do not employ enough people.
—”Who will be hired?  Any citizen  who has received six months of unemployment benefits and can show a serious job search will be hired.  Special skills are not required.  Anyone under age 65 can apply.  Ex-convicts will be fully eligible.  WPA employees can take unpaid time off to continue private job searches. After two years, workers must leave the WPA or go half-time.  The basic wage will be $12.00 per hour. At this rate, the new WPA can create four million full time jobs for $100 billion (plus $10 billion to pay site-supervisors and administrators.  –Bob Hertz
—[REPLY] Your suggestions are well considered.  Enthusiastically agree that we need a new WPA.  I call it GLAD, the Green Labor Administration.  Nongorvernmental.  Payments to nonprofits would be made specifically for PhilaFEL initiatives.

“I have been reading your Green Jobs newsletter for a while, and wanted to take the opportunity to reach out.  I am the Executive Director of Green Village Philadelphia.  We are a non-profit organization that recently opened the region’s first Green/Social Venture incubator.  We have office space at 1650 Arch, and currently have six companies in the incubator.  I would love to show you around and chat with you about our program.”  –Zoe Selzer

“Do you know anyone who is doing tiny/small houses or cohousing in Philly or Philly area?”  –Corri Beth Gottesman
—[REPLY]  Shared Housing Resource Center (SHRC) was founded in Philadelphia 1981 by the Gray Panthers.  See also  Green Village Philadelphia,  Earthship Philly,  Tiny House blog.

First, thank you for everything you have done and do for Philadelphia.  Just last night I was talking in an Occupy Philly message working group meeting about barter and thinking I needed to find someone who is working with barter, who could be more useful than myself.  I was encouraging the folks at our meeting last night to learn more about all the excellent initiatives going on in Philadelphia and look for ways to strengthen efforts already in progress.
—”I’d like to do more to connect Occupiers with long haul Philadelphia activists and organizers: green jobs; alternative energy and energy efficiency; the orchard project; health projects; recreation projects; neighborhood priorities, etc.  I can just imagine how busy you must be and still I’ll ask you for advice in how not to start reinventing wheels.”  –Laura Murphy
—[REPLY] While every generation needs to learn its own special lessons for its own times, thousands of old heads here know how to challenge and to build.  Pick any issue then connect study to action: food, fuel, housing, health care, education, transportation, finance all overlap.  I’ve written the books “How to Take Power” to summarize grassroots organizing, and “Hometown Money” to explain local currency.