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Green Jobs Philly News #36 & CREATIVE ECONOMY

Monday, March 12th, 2012

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The new book “Deep Green Jobs” features jobs we can create without waiting for Wall Street or Washington. Jobs that dramatically reduce fossil fuel use and employ every American, while lowering the costs of living.

A Few Deep Green Business Ideas

There are gaps in local services and manufacture that can be filled by neighborhoods.  Be the first on your green block:
* Youth hostel: Philadelphia has only two, one of which is located far from the city center.
* Neighborhood currency and barter systems: when there are not enough dollars we print our own money.
* Edible landscaping: thousands of front yards, side yards and back yards can be replanted with perennial edibles that both beautify and feed.
* Window box heaters: keep warm for free with this simple tool made of free materials, employing low-skill neighbors.
* Good news media: this city full of talented decent people deserves media that features our best efforts rather than our worst.  Grid magazine and Green Jobs Philly News are samples.
* Compost toilets: cut your water bill in half while converting the Delaware and Schuylkill from sewers to rivers again.
* Leaf collection: every tree-lined block needs a compost pile from which to feed edible landscapes.
* Insulation Factory: grinding newspapers into celluose insulation using simple tools and basic skills; install in homes to lower heating costs.

GOOD COMPANY GROUP incubates green businesses in Philadelphia




This rare and essential book belongs in every high school science or biology classroom and environmental curriculum.  Few books– few newspapers, few movies or magazines– dramatize people fixing cities.
—Aaron Birk’s graphic novel carries two adventurous students from NYC to Philly, intending to revive cities by planting an endless flower bed for honey bees. The leader is a nature nerd; his follower is skeptical: “How is biodiversity supposed to keep my brother out of jail?”  This question is answered, while obstacles grow faster than weeds.  Yet even the skeptic concludes, “ Apocalypse talk is a cop-out.”  We are invited to become practical utopians.

PALAS POR PISTOLAS collects guns and melts them into shovels that are used to plant trees.  Video begins with spanish-language promos then shows full process:  Philadelphia’s tree-planting and anti-crime organizations could collaborate.

ARTS AND CREATIVITY ISSUE of Sustainable Communities Initiative-West.  “Do you think that art can improve a neighborhood? It’s a great question, and one that I answer with a resounding “Yes!”  My experiences in neighborhoods across the city, but especially in West Philadelphia have helped me see just how artwork, engagement and economics are a marriage made in heaven.
—”I’ve seen art catalyze improved safety, community collaboration, sustainability and yes, even economic development. Ask yourself why you travel to certain neighborhoods to shop, eat, take in a concert, or just “chill” out. I’m positive that one of those reasons is because art and artists are available and accessible. Arts-based economic development not only attracts dollars from outside of a neighborhood, but can also alter local consumption toward local products and services. More local consumers attract more local businesses, who need more local employees. Cha-ching!   This issue is chock full of examples (and photos) of why we believe in the power of art and how our partners are using art to make lasting and positive neighborhood change. Don’t just take my word for it. There are countless opportunities this month to check it out for yourself.”  –Iola Harper

PHILLY AREA YOGA networks this gentle preventive therapy, inviting teachers and students to connect.  Weekly yoga news.  Holistic healing is green work, since it reduces the need for environmentally damaging pills and surgery.

DO YOU NEED A FREE CLINIC IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?  Dr. Patch Adams is seeking land for his first free clinic beyond the Gesundheit! Institute.  Need 2 acres on which to build a passive solar earth-sheltered clinic surrounded by orchards and garden.  Green jobs training provided. VIDEO with background: (215) 805-8330


CRED magazine now accepted submissions of stories and artwork.  CRED is a print publication aimed at– and curated by– Philly’s young artists, designers, journalists, activists and entrepreneurs age 25 and under. All contributors receive modest publishing stipend, and their work reaches over 30,000 people. We’re looking specifically for stories of people age 25 and under who are doing amazing ‘green’ projects in Philadelphia, or have an amazing idea that they can write about and share.”


FOOD FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE!  “Let’s take our city & our happiness in our hands! Rise up together!”  Facebook
GREENHORNS connects young farmers with farms

PHILADELPHIA ORCHARD PROJECT (POP) Prespares its spring planting season.  Keep up to date via Facebook page and sign up to volunteer at

WHAT IS OCCUPY VACANT LOTS: We are a hodge-podge group of volunteers from all over working to create a future Philadelphia where every vacant lot is a free food-producing space, community orchard/food forest, community park, beautiful flower garden, or some variation thereof. Access to fresh, free food will take us to the next step of self-sufficiency & break us from the cycle of dependency we have on the government & fossil fuel-guzzling corporate food system. We are working to establish partnerships with pre-existing community organizations, resident activists, children, religious & educational institutions, & every individual in this city tirelessly working towards these same goals. If we combine minds, hearts, & resources we won’t have to wait around anymore for someone else to make the change.
—WHY?  Occupy Vacant Lots is NOT about beautification, our ultimate goal is NOT a “cleaner street”, & we are NOT aiming to enter communities to create gardens for our personal benefit. As a group, WE are not looking to occupy spaces permanently, we are here to help communities realize THEIR vision of occupying THEIR vacant lots with food for as long as they want. We are doing what we’re doing for one reason: we believe that free, fresh, healthy food is a human right, & a right our government is currently failing to provide. Because we believe in this human right, we want to work with neighbors & organizations with pre-existing relationships in communities to assist in the labor, advocacy, learning, & outreach it takes to successfully create a growing space.  Listserv - group/occupy-vacant-lots E-mail


THE SOAK IT UP, PHILLY! celebrates “green streets and commemorating Green City, Clean Waters - the City’s innovative and environmentally sustainable plan to improve the health of our waterways through primarily a green approach. Ribbon cuttings with Philadelphia dignitaries, tours of green street features, sidewalk chalk art with muralists, yarn graffiti wrappings on trees, flower bulb plantings and more!  FREE refreshments and music!” 4:30pm-5:30pm.
+ March 22 - Belfield Avenue & East Walnut Lane - East Germantown
+ March 29 - 7th Street & Cumberland Street - Eastern North Philadelphia
+ April 5 - Queen Lane & Fox Street - East Falls
+ April TBD - 2nd Street & Spring Garden Avenue - Northern Liberties

3/17/ ST. PATTY’S DAY HOME BREWING WORKSHOP with Barry’s Homebrew noon-2pm.  Registration required:

3/17 SUSTAINABILITY SYMPOSIUM 2012: “Is There a Win-Win Approach to Sustainability in the Greater Philadelphia Region?”  at La Salle University, 9:30am2:30pm. Register

3/24 TOOL SHARPENING WORKSHOP with Joe Shapiro from UC Green and Philly Tree People.  “How to care for your garden hand tools; pruners, loppers and trimmers. Bring in one of your garden tools from home and learn how to take it apart, clean it, sharpen it and put it all back together. This is a workshop for hand tools-no gas or electrically powered tools please! “ Registration

3/30/12 RECLAIMING OUR FOOD: HOW THE GRASSROOTS FOOD MOVEMENT IS CHANGING THE WAY WE EAT.  An Evening with Tanya Denckla Cobb,  Author of “Reclaiming Our Food” 6:30-8:30pm Tickets:

Logan Olney Neighborhood Center, 800 W. Olney Avenue, Suite 204
March 16, 2012 from 4-7:30pm
March 17, 2012 from 10am-2pm.  Logan Olney Neighborhood Center
Space is Limited! RSVP to Charlene Samuels (215) 456-5670 x202

3/16-18 SOIL KITCHEN bring your soil samples for free testing, 11am-6pm, Cusano Enviro Edu Ctr at Heinz Wildlife Refuge  “This is a great opportunity to learn about your soil and lead (Pb) toxicity and pollution and also to learn strategies for dealing with and gardening on contaminated soil.”

3/24-25  HOMEGROWN INSTITUTE hosts “Springing Good Intentions Into Action” Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.  50+ Hands-on Home-Scaled Sustainable Skills Workshops including: edible gardens, community and school gardens, seed-saving, soil enrichment, 4 season harvest; bees, chickens, worms, aquaponics; food preservation, fermentation; repurposing, upcycling, natural building. REGISTER:
—Fun, Engaging and Educational KIDS and TEEN program
* Seed Exchange and Tool Swap
* Silent Auction, Awards Reception
* Local, Organic, Seasonal Lunch
* Free Rain Barrel or Worm Farm Composter for all registrants
* Work-exchange financial aid available

4/1  PHILLY FARM & FOOD FEST! 11am-4pm, Pennsylvania Convention Center Annex, Hall G.  Featuring local farmers, artisans and food businesses - everyone dedicated to producing and preparing unique, delicious, and wholesome foods, right here in our region. TICKETS



“Wonderful blog!  I am still “in the wings” for the Community Health Project!  Let me know, and I will galvanize support.”  –Joel Bartlett

“I designed an online resource guide for students called  I know from personal experience that searching for the right  Environmental Science degree program can be a time-consuming task.   to help prospective students find information about Environmental Science degree programs across the country just by visiting one site. “  –Elena Frost

“I applaud what you do. I, myself, have been involved with a nonprofit clinic located close to Cancun, that treats the Mayan people, mostly too poor and forgotten by their own government (how unusual, I know) to be able to afford much needed medical care.
—”Here, in Philly, I have co-created a green cleaning business, where I make my own cleaning supplies using only natural ingredients, like vinegar, water (yes!) and essential oils. I try to spread the news that we can achieve more with less. I have a few job openings and thought you could share it in your circles, where I imagine people really need jobs. Let me know if this is possible. –Ginger Kovac, Your Link to Greener Living

“Positivity Zine!  I want to put a zine together again, and I thought it would be nice to have a nice, happy, feel good sorta zine go out.  You know, some good info wrapped up in some of the reasoning (inform of warm fuzzies preferably).  We know why, and lots of others know why we are doing what we’re doing. We know what’s gone wrong in this city…..WHAT’S RIGHT?  So, if ya’d like, send me some stuff….poetry, diagrams, a short essay, a long one if ya want….”